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Innistrad Mechanics

Happy Sunday afternoon MTG peeps,

We are still reeling from the massive Innistrad previews from yesterday evening's Magic the Gathering party at PAX Prime in Seattle. Wizards thoughtfully followed up yesterday's exceptional event with two special Daily MTG posts today - please check it out here and here. Here at MTG Realm, we have just posted our customary Spoiler List for Innistrad which we will be updating continuously to keep you, the reader, in the loop as to the latest spoilers and previews.

For now, here's a summary of the Innistrad mechanics . . .

Innistrad is the first Magic the Gathering set to feature cards with different card backs. These cards have two card faces on each side, and are to be used for the new 'transform' mechanic, changing creatures into different creatures and back. When playing with double sided cards, players may use a checklist which has a regular card back and the player marks on the card which double-faced card the card is supposed to represent. Playing with only the double-faced card is also allowed if the player is playing with opaque sleeves.



The transformation mechanic is indicated on the card with the word "transform". This mechanic also introduces new symbols representing a sun and a moon which appear to the left of a card name. The symbols specifically indicate the creature before transformation (day) or after transformation (night). Transforming creatures always enter the battlefield as before transformation, and once transformed not all creatures can transform back. During transformations, Auras, Equipment and Counters stay on the creature.

Innistrad also introduces a new subtype for Enchantments named "Curse", which are simply Auras which enchant players and will totally suck if you are the 'cursed' player. The set also has a nifty graveyard based theme and features the return of flashback.

It also introduces the keyword action Fight, which represents the ability of Arena or Tahngarth, Talruum Hero. Two creatures that fight deal damage equal to their power to each other.

Innistrad also features the new ability word Morbid in which creatures get benefits if another creature died the turn they entered the battlefield.

Liliana Vess returns as a new card named Liliana of the Veil.

Garruk Wildspeaker also returns on a new card, the first Planeswalker card with five abilities.


That's it for now - stay tuned as we promise to continually update our Innistrad spoiler / preview page as well as feed along summaries of all the new card awesomeness which comes to light.

And now a word about jumping on this upcoming set - we're suggesting getting in your pre-orders ahead of the official release on September 30th next month. Check out the excellent prices at MTG Mint Card here.


VergilDante100 said...

Oh dear god, this is starting to look like a good set, plus previews begin tommorow officially so i'm keeping my fingers crossed

jon said...

Well with the checklist you have at least 20 more cards you can spoil, at least with name and color. It'll be interesting once its under way.