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Innistrad UltraPRO

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

MTG Realm is very pleased to return back in one shred from from that hellish week in Northern Ontario where bears are plentiful and WiFi connections non-existent. Actually we kid - we did rather enjoy the time away from the interwebs after the achy-shaky withdrawls subsided after the first full day. Anywhoos - we are back to business reporting on the latest news, rumours, biased opinions and spoilers from our favourite game Magic the Gathering.

Today's news may be a bit stale but we will present it none-the-less if you, our dear readers, have not yet heard. A certain Peter Johnson (a Legacy Magic player from Cleveland we believe) attended the recent Gen Con (August 4-7, 2011) at Indianapolis, Indiana provided some rather interesting poster at the Ultra PRO booth (booth # 1819 if you had the opportunity to be there). It appears, according to the display poster, that we have a new Garruk Planeswalker variant (or neo-walker). Let's dive in to get the 4.1.1. on these new UltraPro Innistrad gaming products to pimp out your game.

First up -

the Innistrad Ultra PRO 9 pocket portfolio (# 82816-P).

Wow - great art. The art suggests that this Planeswalker is now green and black perhaps and would certainly be best buddies with Van Helsing while hunting vampires and werewolves in the new Innistrad landscape.

Next -

Innistrad Ultra Pro side-loading deck box (# 82851) and accompanying sleves (# 82850).

These products feature a very bad-a$$ Werewolf with some of his close hairy buds. We loved the Underworld series, especially the Rise of the Lycans, and we're certain that as soon as these are released, we will want to score this deck box.

Other Iniistrad Ultra PRO products :

Top-loading deck box (# 82818) featuring the new Lillianna Planeswalker art along with that very awesome alternate art Lillianna Ultra PRO deck sleves (# 82817) by artist Steve Argyle.

The final Innistrad Ultra PRO product (#82819) is a playmat which features the new Lillianna.

Finally, as we are on the subject of Ultra PRO products, you should also check out the new Ajani vs Nicol Bolas (# 82323) deck box set for the umpcoming release of this duel deck due out latter this month.


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Anonymous said...

the first pic is Garruk look at the belt, ax, and right hand

Daniel Bennett said...

Agreed. It also looks like he's wearing a variation of his helmet.

Daniel Bennett said...

agreed. he's also wearing a face plate/helmet thing similar to his old one.