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Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

This weekend happens to be Magic 2012 Game Day. If you regularly sling Magic the Gathering cards in the standard format environment at Friday Night Magic, then chances are that you already have a decent build you will want to play this weekend. If you may not have had a lot of exposure to standard and want to jump into the game, we salute you and suggest you make tracks over to Wizards to check out the standard Magic Online decks (linky here) which have been making a splash. Not only will you be playing just for the game, the glory but also these very cool full alternate art promos - Bloodstorm Beserker (participation) and Dungrove Elder (top 8).

As we here at MTG Realm are typically against the grain, we enjoy leaving the popular 'net decks' behind and taking our chances with non-competetive / rogue decks or whatever tickles our fancy as long as it delivers big on the 'fun factor'. Here are a few decks which you may take an interest in. If you have a lone-wolf deck, drop over to MTG Url and submit your linky in the comment thingy below.

Naya Allies
Artifact Creatures : 4 Adaptive Automaton, 1 Phyrexian Metamorph

Creatures : 4 Akoum Battlesinger, 4 Hada Freeblade, 3 Harabaz Druid, 3 Kabira Evangel, 4 Kazandu Blademaster, 4 Ondu Cleric, 4 Oran-Rief Survivalist, 4 Talus Paladin

Instants : 2 Volt Charge

Basic Lands : 1 Mountain, 3 Plains

Lands : 4 Arid Mesa, 4 Copperline Gorge, 2 Raging Ravine, 4 Razorverge Thicket, 4 Stirring Wildwood, 1 Sunpetal Grove

Sideboard: 2 Tuktuk Scrapper, 4 Act of Aggression, 3 Celestial Purge, 2 Arc Trail, 4 Lead the Stampede

Tempered Steel
Artifacts : 4 Glint Hawk Idol, 3 Origin Spellbomb

Artifact Creatures : 4 Memnite, 4 Signal Pest, 4 Spellskite, 4 Steel Overseer, 4 Vault Skirge

Enchantments : 4 Tempered Steel

Instants : 4 Dispatch

Legendary Artifacts : 3 Mox Opal

Sorceries : 3 Preordain

Basic Lands : 11 Plains

Lands : 4 Inkmoth Nexus, 4 Seachrome Coast

Sideboard: 2 Shrine of Loyal Legions, 2 Hex Parasite, 2 Kor Firewalker, 2 Celestial Purge, 3 Dismember, 1 Revoke Existence, 1 Timely Reinforcements, 2 Contested War Zone

Hero Blade
Artifacts : 2 Sword of Feast and Famine

Creatures : 4 Blade Splicer, 4 Hero of Bladehold, 4 Squadron Hawk, 1 Sun Titan

Enchantments : 2 Oblivion Ring

Instants : 2 Dismember, 2 Into the Roil, 3 Mana Leak, 2 Spell Pierce

Planeswalkers : 1 Elspeth Tirel, 2 Gideon Jura

Sorceries : 4 Preordain

Basic Lands : 3 Island, 5 Plains

Lands : 4 Celestial Colonnade, 4 Glacial Fortress, 3 Inkmoth Nexus, 4 Seachrome Coast, 4 Tectonic Edge

Sideboard : 1 Sword of Feast and Famine, 3 Kor Firewalker, 1 Kor Sanctifiers, 2 Oblivion Ring, 2 Celestial Purge, 3 Flashfreeze, 3 Day of Judgment

Did you know that MTG Mint Card has a lovely variety of user submitted Magic the Gathering decks at a very handy tool called 'DECK CENTRAL'. This page will allow you to construct your build and then provide you with a lithmus test of sample opening hands before you start gaming with it. You can also share your build and price your missing cards out as well.

Finally -
Anyone care to speculate on the possible upcoming mechanics we may see with Innistrad Werewolves ? Drop your comments below.



Kitsune223 said...

As a player I'm all in for bringing back Banding( fit perfect to the wolf part plus being highly effective against Deathtouch and big creatures) .

As a judge it seems like one of the knights of the apocalypse .

Steel_Templar said...

banding has a good flavor for werewolves, but i think that bloodthirst is more possible