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Innistrad YouTube Spoiler

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Today we were planning to yatter about MaRo's recent hints as to what to expect in the next Magic the Gathering set, Innistrad, but we decided to report to you instead about a very odd video posted on the 'Tube.

YouTube user 'bassethound85', aka 'Semen Nikolaev' of Russia who only recently created a YouTube account as well as the usual social networking sites (FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) posted a video showing himself flipping through what appears to be Innistrad cards. He indicated that he had found a box, belonging to his Uncle containing a treasure-trove of Magic cards - dual lands, unreleased Innistrad cards, and a very interesting blank-paged book with an elaborate Avacyn symbol on the cover.

Anywhoos - here's the eye-candy - PLEASE consider all of the following as rumour until confirmed (or debunked) by official previews at Wizards of the Coast.

Video : note - this may be removed by the poster or the site at a latter time.

The poster latter added images to his Flickr account with the following images :

Falkenrath Marauders, ?rr
Creature - Bampire Warrior, Rare

Evil Twin, 2ub
Creature - Shapeshifter, Rare

Travel Preparations
Sorcery (c)
Put a +1/+1 counter on each of up to two target creatures.
Visiting a shrine at the start of a journey makes the traveller more likely to finish it.

Grimoire of the Dead, 4
Legendary Artifact, Rare

? Maid ?
Creature - Human ?, Uncommon

All very interesting stuff and we are very interested in just how this person got a hold of all of these cards. We are absolutely loving the flavour of the Necronomicon / Grimoire card. Perhaps it is simply a very clever viral marketing ploy by WoTC. We promise to update MTG Realm readers as we learn more.

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