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MTG Muppet Love

Happy Caturday MTG peeps,

This is a rare (but not unheard of) weekend post and although we're running late to get around to all the regular Saturday morning chores and errands, we wanted to take a moment and yatter about just how badly we got our butt kicked last night.

We ran a fairly conventional black / green infect deck with the usual suspects but realise that the local meta-game here is significantly more advanced than some other stores we've played at. Don't misinterpret - we loved all the games we played, and given the field of 40 players, everyone had brought some very excellent game to the tables.

Having been trounced rather thoroughly, it has only galvanised us to get back to brewing up a better build - which we love almost as much as playing the game itself. One card we are chomping at the bit to slide into our infect / poison build is Phyrexian Crusader . . . just imagine having this bad-a$$ swing while equipped with Sword of Body and Mind makes us happy - and have protection from White, Blue, Red and Green is epic.


Speaking of going nuclear with this sweet Scars of Mirrodin / Mirrodin Besieged combo atFriday Night Magic, here's a short video we shot at OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario, Canada where we provided some prize support (which we, in turn, had obtained from Wizards in that very cool Mirrodin Lunch Box) . . .

While we are on videos, we might as well show you this one. This video gave me brain cancer and we suspect very bad things to our colon. Wizards had developed this supposedly witty video to provide support / direction to game store owners as we head into the Mirrodin Besieged set and resultant faction or League Wars next month. Great idea / bad video - sorry Wizards.

The last time we saw WUBRG (yep - a very waggish play on the MTG colours here), was this Magic the Gathering Friday Night Magic promotional video filmed at Games & Gizmos in Redmond, WA featuring Music by Caspar Babypants. This WUBRG is a crazed MTG Muppet who loves FNM and we LOVED this video.

We suspect one or more staff at Wizards have an odd and unnatural love of muppets. We just hope that WoTC brings some edge / sarcasm to the next WUBRG video.

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