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Happy Wednesday MTG peoples,

Most Magic the Gathering Players love playing their game almost as much as collecting the cards (hence the term collectible card game). Several players we know have certain cards they have a penchant for whether it is just one card, a series from a particular set or just a collection of promos.

Speaking of promos, we should segue into which cards gamers can expect to win at upcoming Friday Night Magic Events . . .

January, 2011 FNM Promo
Everflowing Chalice (Worldwake Uncommon)
If someone has a better image of the promo, please eMail it to us and we will get it posted.

February, 2011 FNM Promo
Spellstutter Sprite (Lorwyn Common)
Simply awesome epic promo art here by Christopher Molier- would love to get our paws on one of these.

Righto - anywhoos -

We were yattering about players collections.

Here's someone we know who has a special kind of thing for the Time Spiral rare, Norin the Wary. Why? We're not certain even he knows.

Personally, we would rather collect a nice 'n' clean sort of collection with definite and finite margins of start and end - perhaps something along the line of the recently released 'From the Vaults : Relics'. This lovely set chocked full 'o' foily goodness could perhaps be expanded to include other awe inspiring (foil only) artifacts and equipment.

If you know someone who has an interesting collection of MTG cards, drop us a comment below.

Finally, your local stores should be receiving very soon (or have already received) some excellent MTG swag / promos for the upcoming Mirrodin Besieged pre-release / release events. Items such as reversible deck boxes, posters, faction war charts, and the very cool poison dice. Send us your pics of upcoming promos such as these and we'll post 'em.



Anonymous said...

I have 86 copies of Selective Memory. It started by last picking it in draft a few times. Now people just give them to me.

Anonymous said...

Someone I spoke with had over 200 copies of Enchanted Evening with the goal of getting to 365. That way he could say he has an enchanted year.