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MaRo Interview

Happy Thursday MTG Peeps,

Just like Neo in the Matrix, we here at MTG Realm must return to the source from time to time to prognosticate the near future of what may be in store (literally and figuratively) for Magic the Gathering gamers. By source, we mean Wizards of the Coast and more specifically, MaRo. For those readers just getting into the who MTG collectible card game thing, MaRo is actually Mark Rosewater, one of the head designers at WoTC.

Today, we have a video interview done by the ubiquitous Evan Erwin (aka mrorangeguy of 'The Magic Show' fame) and now with Star City Games who caught up with MaRo at Worlds 2010 and conducted the following lengthy interview in which little tid-bits and hints are dropped as to what players may expect . . .

That was awesome.

MaRo's enthusiam permeates all - we will liken him to a Squirrel fresh off a three day caffiene bender at Starbucks but let's review what was said.

In the upcoming Mirrodin Besieged set, there will be two new mechanics - one each for the Mirrian and Phyrexian factions. We already know that the Mirran mechanic / key word ability will be Battle Cry (Whenever this creature attacks, each other attacking creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn).

No clue yet as what to expect for the Phyrexian faction but plenty of room to speculate. We do know that there will be several 'mirrored' cards highlighting the conflict of the two factions so it may not be much of a speculative stretch to develop a mechanic which mirrors Battle Cry (perhaps an effect where blocking creatures get -0/-1 until end of turn?).

MaRo provides code names for the next few blocks. The code name for the current block is 'Lights' (Scars of Mirrodin), 'Camera' (Mirrodin Besieged), and 'Action' (thought to be Mirrodin Pure or New Phyrexia). The next blocks have code names of "Shake / Rattle / Roll", "Hook / Line / Sinker" and finally "Friends / Romans / Countrymen". We here at MTG Realm have high hopes that the Hook, Line, and Sinker block, wearing somewhat a nautical theme name will contain Pirates. Awesome suace would be a sprinkling of Ninjas for the win. (/end humour)

In the interview, MaRo also comments about power creep, about Phyrexia winning the war on Mirrodin, as well as the exit of the red burn staple Lightnin Bolt from standard (meaning that this will not see a print in Magic 2012). He also yatters about the 5 / 6 year plan, the balancing act with limited / constructed and the ongoing Great Designer Search.

Thanks again to Evan for getting Mark to sit in one place for so long as to accomodate the interview (Evan probably brought treats).
Finally, a reminder that MTG Mint Card already has several of the Mirrodin Besieged spoiler / preview cards up for pre-order.

Hero of Bladehold (2WW, Creature - Human Knight, 3/4)
Glissa, the Traitor (BGG, Legendary Creature - Zombie Elf, 3/3)
Phyrexian Crusader (1BB, Creature - Zombie Knight, 2/2)
Mirran Crusader (1WW, Creature - Human Knight, 2/2)
Thopter Assembly (6, Artifact Creature - Thopter, 5/5)
Peace Strider (4, Artifact Creature - Construct, 3/3)
Pierce Strider (4, Artifact Creature - Construct, 3/3)

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Anonymous said...

"Hook/Line/Sinker" will probably be the next "un"-set. It references the phrase: "[They] fell for it; hook, line and sinker." Used when somebody falls prey to a practical joke....Gosh I hope its the next "un"-set!