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MBS Spoiler Complete

Welcome back MTG peeps,

We are still short a few Magic the Gathering card images but the Mirrodin Besieged spoiler / preview is now complete. Players are itching (not due to abysmal hygiene) to sling this cards during games this weekend at the pre-release. If you are looking for an event, check out the WoTC locator page. You can find the MTG Realm text spoiler HERE, and out MBS Image Garden HERE.

First up -
Here is the Mirrodin Besieged Checklist - use this very handy form to submit deck lists if required at a future event you attend.

Mirrodin Besieged Checklist

And finally -
The Name and Number Crunch list to summarize the set. Many thanks to Hunter and all the gamers / fans who helped in developing the list.

1 Accorder Paladin (Creature – Human Knight), Uncommon, Mirran
2 Ardent Recruit (Creature – Human Soldier), Common, MIrran
3 Banishment Decree (Instant), Common, Phyrexian
4 Choking Fumes (Instant), Uncommon, Phyrexian
5 Divine Offering (Instant), Common, Mirran
6 Franctic Salvage (Instant), Common, Mirran
7 Gore Vassal (Creature – Hound), Uncommon, Phyrexian
8 Hero of Bladehold (Creature - Human Knight), Mythic, Mirran
9 Kemba’s Legion (Creature – Cat Soldier), Uncommon, Mirran
10 Leonin Relic-warder (Creature – Cat Cleric) Uncommon, Mirran
11 Leonin Skyhunter (Creature – Cat Knight), Common, Mirran
12 Loxodon Partisan (Creature – Elephant Soldier), Common, Mirran
13 Master's Call (Instant), Common, Mirran
14 Mirran Crusader (Creature - Human Knight), Rare, Mirran
15 Phyrexian Rebirth (Sorcery), Rare, Phyrexian
16 Priests of Norn (Creature – Cleric), Common, Phyrexian
17 Tine Shrike (Creature – Bird), Common, Phyrexian
18 Victory’s Herald (Creature - Angel), Rare, Mirran
19 White Sun’s Zenith (Instant), Rare, Mirran
20 Blue Sun’s Zenith (Instant), Rare, Mirran
21 Consecrated Sphinx (Creature – Sphinx), Mythic, Phyrexian
22 Corrupted Conscience (Enchantment – Aura), Uncommon, Phyrexian
23 Cryptoplasm (Creature – Shapeshifter), Rare, Mirran
24 Distant Memories (Sorcery), Rare, Phyrexian
25 Fuel for the Cause (Instant), Common, Phyrexian
26 Mirran Spy (Creature – Drone), Common, Mirran
27 Mitotic Manipulation (Sorcery), Rare, Phyrexian
28 Neurok Commando (Creature - Human Rogue), Uncommon, Mirran
29 Oculus (Creature – Homunculus), Common, Phyrexian
30 Quicksilver Geyser (Instant), Common, Mirran
31 Serum Raker (Creature – Drake), Common, Phyrexian
32 Spire Serpent (Creature – Serpent), Common, Mirran
33 Steel Sabotage (Instant), Common, Phyrexian
34 Treasure Mage (Creature – Human Wizard), Uncommon, Mirran
35 Turn the Tide (Instant), Common, Mirran
36 Vedalken Anatomist (Creature – Vedalken Wizard), Uncommon, Phrexian
37 Vedalken Infuser (Creature – Vedalken Wizard, Uncommon, Mirran
38 Vivisection (Sorcery, Uncommon, Phyrexian
39 Black Sun’s Zenith (Sorcery), Rare, Phyrexian
40 Caustic Hound (Creature – Hound), Common, Phyrexian
41 Flensersmite (Creature – Gremlin), Common, Phyrexian
42 Flesh-Eater Imp (Creature – Imp), Uncommon, Phyrexian
43 Go for the Throat (Instant), Uncommon, Mirran
44 Gruesome Encore (Sorcery), Uncommon, Phyrexian
45 Horrifying Revelation ([…]), Common, Phyrexian
46 Massacre Wurm (Creature – Wurm), Mythic, Phyrexian
47 Morbid Plunder ([…]), Common, Phyrexian
48 Nested Ghoul (Creature – Zombie Warrior), Uncommon. Phyrexian
49 Phyresis (Enchantment – Aura), Common, Phyrexian
50 Phyrexian Crusader (Creature - Zombie Knight), Rare, Phyrexian
51 Phyrexian Rager (Creature – Horror), Common, Phyrexian
52 Phyrexian Vatmother (Creature – Horror), Rare, Phyrexian
53 Sangromancer (Creature – Vampire Shaman), Rare, Mirran
54 Scourge Servant (Creature – Zombie), Common, Phyrexian
55 Septic Rats (Creature – Rat), Uncommon, Phyrexian
56 Spread the Sickness (Sorcery), Common, Phyrexian
57 Virulent Wound (Instant), Common, Phyrexian
58 Blisterstick Shaman (Creature – Goblin Shaman), Common, Mirran
59 Burn the Impure (Instant), Common, Mirran
60 Concussive Bolt (Sorcery), Common, Mirran
61 Crush (Instant), Common, Mirran
62 Galvanoth (Creature- Beast), Rare, Mirran
63 Gnathosaur (Creature – Lizard), Common, Mirran
64 Goblin Wardriver (Creature – Goblin Warrior), Uncommon, Mirran
65 Hellkite Igniter (Creature – Dragon), Rare, Mirran
66 Hero of Oxid Ridge (Creature – Human Knight), Mythic, Mirran
67 Into the Core (Instant), Uncommon, Phyrexian
68 Koth’s Courier (Creature – Human Rogue), Common, Mirran
69 Kuldotha Flamefiend (Creature – Elemental), Uncommon, Mirran
70 Kuldotha Ringleader (Creature – Giant Berserker), Common, Mirran
71 Metallic Mastery ([…]), Uncommon, Phyrexian
72 Ogre Resister (Creature – Ogre), Common,Mirran
73 Rally the Forces (Instant), Common, Mirran
74 Red Sun’s Zenith (Sorcery), Rare, Mirran
75 Slagstorm (Sorcery), Rare, Mirran
76 Spiraling Duellist (Human Berserker), Uncommon, Mirran
77 Blightwidow (Creature – Spider), Common, Phyrexian
78 Creeping Corrosion (Sorcery), Rare, Phyrexian
79 Fangren Maurauder (Creature – Beast), Common, Mirran
80 Glissa’s Courier (Creature – Horror), Common, Phyrexian
81 Green Sun’s Zenith (Sorcery), Rare, Phyrexian
82 Lead the Stampede (Sorcery), Uncommon, Mirran
83 Melira’s Keepers (Creature – Human Warrior), Uncommon, Mirran
84 Mirran Mettle (Instant), Common, Mirran
85 Phyrexian Hydra (Creature – Hydra), Rare, Phyrexian
86 Pistus Strike (Instant), Common, Phyrexian
87 Plaguemaw Beast (Creature – Beast), Uncommon, Phyrexian
88 Praetor’s Council (Sorcery), Mythic, Phyrexian
89 Quilled Slagwurm (Creature – Wurm), Uncommon, Phyrexian
90 Rot Wolf (Creature – Wolf), Common, Phyrexian
91 Tangle Mantis (Creature – Insect), Common, Mirran
92 Thrun, the Last Troll (Legendary Creature – Troll Shaman), Mythic, Mirran
93 Unnatural Predation (Instant), Common, Phyrexian
94 Viridian Corrupter (Creature – Elf Shaman), Uncommon, Phyrexian
95 Viridian Emissary (Creature – Elf Scout), Uncommon, Phyrexian
96 O Glissa, the Traitor (Legendary Creature – Zombie Elf), Mythic, Phyrexian
97 O Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas (Planeswalker - Tezzeret), Mythic, unaffiliated
98 A Bladed Sentinel (Artifact Creature – Construct), Common, Mirran
99 A Blightsteel Colossus (Artifact Creature – Golem, Mythic, Phyrexian
100 A Bonehoard (Artefact – Equipment), Rare, Phyrexian
101 A Brass Squire (Artifact Creature - Myr), Uncommon, Mirran
102 A Copper Carapace (Artifact – Equipment), Common, MIrran
103 A Core Prowler (Artifact Creature – Horror), Uncommon, Phyrexian
104 A Darksteel Plate (Artifact – Equipment), Mirran
105 A Decimator Web (Artifact), Rare, Phyrexian
106 A Dross Ripper (Artifact Creature –Hound), Common, Phyrexian
107 A Flayer Husk (Artifact – Equipment), Common, Phyrexian
108 A Gust-skimmer (Creature – Insect), Common, Mirran
109 A Hexplate Golem (Artifact Creature – Golem), […], Mirran
110 A Ichor Wellspring (Artifact), Common, Phyrexian
111 A Knowledge Pool (Artifact), Rare, Mirran
112 A Lumengrid Gargoyle (Artifact Creature – Gargoyle), Uncommon, Mirran
113 A Magnetic Mine (Artifact), Rare, Mirran
114 A Mirrorworks (Artifact), Rare, Mirran
115 A Mortarpod (Artifact - Equipment), Uncommon, Phyrexian
116 A Myr Sire (Artifact Creature - Myr), Common, Phyrexian
117 A Myr Turbine (Artifact), Rare, Mirran
118 A Myr Welder (Artifact Creature - Myr), Rare, Mirran
119 A Peace Strider (Artifact Creature – Construct), Uncommon, Mirran
120 A Phyrexian Digester (Artifact Creature – Construct), Common,, Phyrexian
121 A Phyrexian Juggernaut (Artifact Creature – Juggernaut), Uncommon, Phyrexian
122 A Phyrexian Revoker (Artifact Creature – Horror, Rare, Phyrexian
123 A Pierce Strider (Artifact Creature – Construct), Uncommon, Phyrexian
124 A Piston Sledge (Artifact – Equipment), Uncommon, Mirran
125 A Plague Myr (Artifact Creature - Myr), […], Phyrexian
126 A Psychosis Crawler (Artifact Creature – Horror), Rare, Phyrexian
127 A Razorfield Rhino (Artifact Creature – Rhino), Common, Mirran
128 A Rusted Slasher (Artifact Creature - Horror), Common, Phyrexian
129 A Shimmer Myr (Artifact Creature - Myr), Rare, Mirran
130 A Shriekhorn (Artifact), Common, Mirran
131 A Signal Pest (Artifact Creature - Pest), […], Mirran
132 A Silverskin Armor (Artifact – Equipment), Uncommon, Mirran
133 A Skinwing (Artifact – Equipment), Uncommon, Phyrexian
134 A Sphere of the Suns (Artifact), Uncommon, Mirran
135 A Spin Engine (Artifact Creature – Construct), Common, MIrran
136 A Spine of Ish Sah (Artifact), Rare, Phyrexian
137 A Strandwalker (Artifact - Equipment), […], Phrexian
138 A Sword of Feast and Famine (Artifact - Equipment), Mythic, Mirran
139 A Tangle Hulk (Artifact Creature - Beast), Common, Phyrexian
140 A Thopter Assembly (Artifact Creature –Thopter), Rare, Mirran
141 A Titan Forge (Artifact), Rare, Mirran
142 A Training Drone (Artifact Creature – Drone), Uncommon, Mirran
143 A Viridian Claw (Artifact – Equipment), […], Mirran
144 L Contested War Zone (Land), Rare, Mirran
145 L Inkmoth Nexus (Land), Rare, Phyrexian
146 L Plains (Basic Land)
147 L Plains (Basic Land)
148 L Island (Basic Land)
149 L Island (Basic Land)
150 L Swamp (Basic Land)
151 L Swamp (Basic Land)
152 L Mountain (Basic Land)
153 L Mountain (Basic Land)
154 L Forest (Basic Land)
155 L Forest (Basic Land)



Mike M. said...

I find it interesting that there's currently only 10 mythics confirmed. I understand a few of the cards rarities aren't know but none seem to fit the "mythic" archetype. Anyone know anything about it?

mtgcards_be said...

Indeed, only 10 Mythics:
Blightsteel Colossus
Consecrated Sphinx
Glissa, the Traitor
Hero of Bladehold
Hero of Oxid Ridge
Massacre Wurm
Praetor's Counsel
Sword of Feast and Famine
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
Thrun, the Last Troll

Cameron said...

You happened to miss The Sword Of Feast and Famine

CopySix said...

Hey there Cameron - we double checked and the sword is there - it is card # 138 - get back to us if the page is cut off on your browser.