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MBS Spoilers 1-25

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

A continuation -> The Magic the Gathering forums on the inter-webs are heating up with Mirrodin Besieged spoilers thanks to the willy 'anotherfuturedrafter' whose been feeding the spoiler nutters.

See other spoilers from 'afd' here, here, here and here as well.

You can keep up to date with us on Twitter (user - CopySix) as we provide fairly up to date news on rumors and confirmations of new cards under the '#mtgmbs' hashtag and suggest you also keep an eye on our spoiler page HERE or HERE.

Caustic Hound, 5b
Creature - Hound, Common
When Caustic Hound is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, each player loses 4 life.

Copper Carapace, 1
Artifact - Equipment, Common
Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and can't block.
Equip 3

Rusted Slasher, 4
Artifact Creature - Horror, Common
Sacrifice an artifact: Regenerate Rusted Slasher.

Quicksilver Geyser, 4u
Instant, Common
Return up to two target nonland permanents to their owners' hands.

Tangle Hulk, 5
Artifact Creature - Beast, Common
2{G}: Regenerate Tangle Hulk.

Nested Ghoul, 3bb
Creature - Zombie Warrior, Uncommon
Whenever a source deals damage to Nested Ghoul, put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield.

Bladed Sentinel, 4
Artifact Creature - Construct, Common
w : Bladed Sentinel gains vigilance until end of turn

Pistus Strike, 2g
Instant, Common
Destroy target creature with flying. Its controller gets a poison counter.

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