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Mirrodin Besieged Swag

Something very nice was waiting for us when we got home today . . . nope - not leftover pizza - something even better - an envelope from Wizards of the Coast. At first we thought a cease-and-desist letter from their corporate ninjas but our spidery senses informed us something quite different.

Here's a short video . . .


Very kewl ! Thanks Wizards!

MTG Realm may be holding a contest latter for the Mirromancy Intro Pack and as for the rares we pulled out of the two booster packs, we will be sharing them with the local play group down at our store.

A reminder for folks planning to attend the pre-release events this weekend -
we suggest you -

1) review the Mirrodin Besieged FAQ's to make your games go smoother,

2) watch the Planeswalker Mirrodin Besieged Primer videos from Wizards to become familiar with the new Battle Cry and Living Weapon tech, and

3) check out the Wizards Locator to find an event near you.

That's it - we hope you have a blast this weekend !



bootblackmatt said...

not sure if this asked yet. There are 155 cards in the set with 77 cards Mirran and 77 phyrexian and one non aligned (Tez) does that mean Tez can be in either packs at the pre-release?

Ammon said...

That is a great question. Can we expect to see him coming out of packs? If so which side?

CopySix said...

Tezzeret is non-aligned and one could expect this Planeswalker to show up in either faction pack. Anything without a watermark will follow in a similar suit.

TKVB said...

Will the contest be open for US citizens only or for international as well?

bootblackmatt said...

just to let you know, I got a Tezzeret in a Phyrexia pack!!