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Werewolf Wednesday

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Over on the mothersite, Kim Kreines has another installment in Magic Story, titled 'The Archmage of Goldnight' continuing with the Shadows Over Innistrad story line after a short break where we were treated to two stories themed to time with Eternal Masters ('The Prodigal Sorcerers' and 'All That Came Before').  

Today's narrative transitions several times from past to present and back again, allowing further insight as to how the Planeswalker Arlinn Kord came to be both a lycanthrope and an Archmage.  The story closes with a faint hope of Innistrad's besieged human population cooperating with Cursemuted Wolfir (maybe) - or at the very least, Arlinn and her former mentor Archmage Rembert.  This is the second story involving the Human / Werewolf Planeswalker - the previous story, 'Under the Silver Moon' which introduced this character may be found at this linky.

One item of interest in today's Magic: the Gathering fiction is the use of a previously unknown illustration, attributed to artist Filip Burburan.

The art shows six devils, one of which appears to be brandishing a lighted torch.  The background is unclear but was used in today's story to illustrate a devil horde attacking the city of Havengul, province of Nephalia.  This may be an unused art - or - perhaps one we may yet see on a card in the next set, Eldritch Moon, releasing on 22 July, 2016.

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