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Happy Wednesday MTG,

Today's Magic Story installment was titled 'All That Came Before' and was penned by Leah Potyondy.  The fiction today was fabulous and was timed rather well with the upcoming Eternal Masters set.  The one card which was fairly central to the story was Ancestral Mask - we posted this very kewl art to the MTG Realm Tumblr blog earlier today.

We did not start playing Magic: the Gathering until Lorwyn block and really did not know very much of the storyline in the Masques block (Mecadian Masques, Nemesis, Prophecy) from back in 1999-2000.  Today's story was focuses on the Cho-Arrim, a group of humans residing with the massive Rushwood forest.  These people share some traits with the common notion of Elves in that they are a mystical and spiritual folk with a deep sense of appreciation for nature and specifically the (magical) Rushwood forest which which in turn protects them.
There is a threat to the Cho-Arrim from Mercadia City which wants to assert its authority over the forest and its peoples.  A sickness or plague overcomes many within the Cho-Arrim village and Mercadia is suspect in this.  This very well written story wraps ups with the main character, Cho-Akhan gaining an old power which may provide a defense against the Mercadians. 


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