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MTG Story Wednesday

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

As it seems to have become our habit each Wednesday, we here at MTG Realm turn our attention from the regular round-up of Magic: the Gathering news and other frivolities to the new Magic Story posted on the mothersite.  Last week's story was 'The Archmage of Goldnight' and a intriguing background on Arlinn Kord, the newest double-sided Planeswalker.  We will sheepishly admit that we are still uncertain as to how this human actually became a lycan.

Anywhoos, today's story by kelly Digges' article 'Stone and Blood', details the falling out of Nahiri, the Zendikar Kor Planeswalker with Sorin Markov, the Vampire Planeswalker of Innistrad.  

The story was pretty damn awesome.  Very tense reunion of the two (former) friends, resulting confrontation and the consequences.  Long story short, Sorin is a moody elitist, Zendikar suffered in Nahiri's absence and now the stage is set for the devastation of Markov Manor and it's vampire residents which was shown to us when the Shadows Over Innistrad teasers started.

Kelly Digges delivered big in his description of Nahiri's imprisonment within the Helvault.  We were sort of expecting a tea room crammed with demons and other devilry all moaning how much it sucks that there were stuck, made even more awkward when Griselbrand and Avacyn join the party.  Instead, Kelly perfectly describes a void of infinite blackness where one's somatic presence appears to be absent.  A horrifying confinement of a mind or essence until the Helvault is destroyed by Thalia, tricked into this by the Planeswalker Liana Vess who had business with one of the imprisoned demons.

Scooch on over to the Wizards of the Coast Magic Story installment and catch the latest game flavour.


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