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Eldritch Moon Previews 6-30

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Tomorrow is Canada Day and we're not certain we will be around to provided Magic: the Gathering updates for official Eldritch Moon previews.  We will however are planning to attend a special Friday Night Magic Event at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario where, in honour of Canda Day, special prizes are to be set out for the best performing Boros (Red 'n' White) decklist.

For today, we have the regular round-up of Eldrtich Moon previews gathered from the mothersite and around the interwebs which we will continually update as the spoilers, if any, trickle through.  The two foreign language cards in today's set have the unofficial translation below for your reference -

Decimator of the Provinces
Eldritch Evolution
Eternal Scourge
Geier Reach Sanitarium
Harmless Offering
Lupine Prototype
Wharf Infiltrator

Eternal Scourge, 3
Creature - Eldrazi Horror, Rare
You may cast Eternal Scourge from exile.
When Eternal Scourge becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, exile it.

Decimator of the Provinces, 10
Creature - Eldrazi Boar, Mythic Rare
Trample, Haste
Emerge: 6GGG
Whenever you cast
Decimator of the Provinces, creatures you control gain +2/+2 and trample until end of turn.


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