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Eldrtich Moon Spoilers 6-23

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Today we have two proper Eldrtich Moon spoilers, smuggled out of Spain.  Many Bothans perished to bring us these Magic: the Gathering cards.  As such, the cards are of course in Spanish and our poor attempt at providing such translation should be realised.  Again, as always, please refer to only official previews on the mothersite for final card names and text.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar, 2W
Legendary Creature - Human soldier, Rare
First Strike.
Creatures and non-basic lands your opponents control come into play tapped.
The Lunarch Council cannot guarantee salvation. It must be earned; by the sword if necessary.
046/205 / Buy-A-Box Promo / Johannes Yoss

Thalia is back as a 3/2 for 3 CMC.  This is a rather powerful 'Blind Obedience' effect and a solid card all around.  We would imagine that players across multiple formats will have interest in this.  The Hatebears archetype will benefit, and players with a fetchland in hand will think twice about a lost advantage.  Those Human decklists that were all the rage at the beginning of the new standard format may also want to pick up on this.  The only downside is that of the legendary status.

Identity Thief, 2UU (perhaps Supplant Identity?)
Creature - Shapeshifter, Rare
Whenever Identity Impersonator attacks, exile target nontoken creature. If you do, Identity Impersonator becomes a copy of that creature until the end of turn. Return the exiled card under to the battlefield under its owners control at the beginning of the next end step. 

This is an interesting one.  There are some possibilities when this card turns sideways.  Blinking an opponent's biggest threat and landing some solid damage is one.  Perhaps you want a second shot of a good 'enters the battlefield' effect with one of your own creatures - perhaps a Goblin Dark-Dwellers or something that brings along tokens.

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