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Eternal Masters Supply & Demand

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

What likely catch captivated the attention of most Magic: the Gathering players over the weekend was the release of the special ('one-off') summer set of Eternal Masters.  Like Modern Masters, released in 2013 and in 2015, these sets have a higher expected average value of the cards contained in each booster and a more limited print run resulting in a higher (MSRP) sticker price.  

Where Modern Masters may have had a limited print run, Eternal Masters has a "very" limited print run.  There are quite a number of reports from a gamers to local gaming store owners indicating that there will not be any second print run or re-stock.  Some claim that retailers claiming no anticipated product restock work to the retailers benefit providing them license to charge more. The Eternal Booster box contains 24 packs (a perfect number to draft with) and here in our region (Central Ontario, Canada), the booster box costs about $360 and booster packs go for about $16.  

If you are drafting, then the cost could be likened to what you may spend on a trip to the movies (food 'n' all) or a drinks out at a pub.  We think you would be on the right path if you spent this money as being funds allocated for entertainment.

On YouTube, there are a number of unboxing vidoes of fans cracking packs hoping to lucky enough to pull one or more of the high value cards for re-sale to the secondary market.  Pulling a Mana Crypt, Force of Will, Karakas or a foil Jace, the Mind Sculptor at a worth around a $100 does go a long wat for you to 'recover' the value of your investment but there is real danger here.  The big question for those wanting to receive value is simply - 'Is it worth it to buy into Eternal Masters?'.

Consider this - out of the 69 Mythic Rares and Rares in the set, only about 19 of these cards (>$10) are valuable enough to equate to the value of a booster pack.  For each one of those videos showing a really amazing box, there are likely a dozen other individuals less than satisfied with their return.   We think you would be most happy having the mindset of gaming with the set rather than attempting to turn an economic profit.

Singles Prices - Expect great variance and volatility -

Mana Crypt (M) $98.31
Force of Will (M) $91.76
Karakas (M) $85.01
Jace, the Mind Sculptor (M) $69.00
Wasteland (R) $48.85
Sneak Attack (M) $27.00
Natural Order (M) $26.65
Vampiric Tutor (M) $25.86
Sensei's Divining Top (R) $22.00
Sylvan Library (R) $19.99
Dack Fayden (M) $19.99
Maze of Ith (R) $18.25
Entomb (R) $17.70
Sinkhole (R) $15.74
Gamble (R) $15.00
Chrome Mox (M) $14.95
Maelstrom Wanderer (M) $12.34
Enlightened Tutor (R) $11.79
Vindicate (R) $10.15

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