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GP Costa Rica

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

This past weekend was the release of the greatly anticipated Eternal Masters set.  If your local gaming store is anything like OMG! Games, our local gaming store here in Barrie, Ontario, then chances are is that there was a LOT of players drafting Eternal Masters.  We had a bunch of family drop over for the weekend and the only Magic: the Gathering we had was a few quick games of Commander.  This, of course, did not preclude us from keeping an eye on the standard format event coverage for Grand Prix Costa Rica 2016.  Pop on over to the mothersite to get the news.

Perhaps no suprise at all to you that W/G Tokens was the top deck to beat.  The general idea of this decklist is to hit token generating Planeswalkers like Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar and then being able to pump those tokens with either Gideon's emblem or pile on +1/+1 counters with Nissa.  At this sort of high level event, the finesse pretty much boils down to your choice of flexible options (see Craig Wescoe's great article over at TCG Player), as well as what decisions you made with your sideboard. 

Here is the Top eight players as well as the decklist of Seth Manfield (winner) and Branddon Fischer (2nd place).

1st  Green-White Tokens Seth Manfield
2nd  Green-White Tokens Brandon Fischer
3rd  Bant Humans Oliver Tiu
4th  Green-White Tokens Erick Manuel Lopez Basulto
5th  Bant Company Brian Braun-duin
6th  Green-White Tokens Michael Derczo
7th  Green-White Tokens Javier Dominguez

8th  W/B Control Saul Alvarado

By not restricting himself to just green and white, Brandon nearly clinched the top spot with the very spicy addition of Arlinn Kord, which in out opinion is just an amazing card providing a total of five Planeswalke abilities on both sides.

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