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Eldritch Moon Spoilers 6-28

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Day Two of official Eldritch Moon previews is underway with the lion's share coming from the mothersite and few others from further afield.  One from French news website Le Monde, specifically the 'Pixels' gaming section.  The other from the Wizards EU Twitter account has a wonderful continuation of the Delver of Secrets back-story - let's just say that the tables are now turned for that researcher. 

On the mothersite, the Eldritch Moon Card Image Gallery is now up and populated with new preview cards from the previous day.  Ken Nagle, WotC lead designer for Eldritch Moon writes about some EMN concepts and theme including 'meld' and Blake Rasmussen showcases the Eldritch Moon Intro Pack rares.  Lots of cardboard goodness going on, so let's dive in -

Today's new reveals include :
Assembled Alphas
Docent of Perfection // Final Iteration
Emrakul's Influence
Galvanic Bombardment
Grizzled Angler // Grisly Anglerfish
Lone Rider // It That Rides as One
Niblis of Frost
Noosegraf Mob
Sanctifier of Souls
Take Inventory

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