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Access Magic: Eldritch Moon

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

With previews of the next new Magic: the Gathering set, Eldritch Moon, not starting until next Monday (27th June), it kinda feels like a trekking across a barren desert, devoid of any life.  Mind you, there had been some comfort in this wasteland, an oasis, if you will - in the form of two stories from Eldritch Moon -

Episode 01: The Archmage of Goldnight
A werewolf howls in the night. A mad angel cackles. Without its protector, Avacyn, Innistrad is falling to monsters and madness. But not all monsters are what they seem. In the dark of night, the howl of a werewolf might just be the answer to your prayers

Episode 02: Stone and Blood

Over a thousand years ago, Nahiri arrived on Innistrad to find her old friend Sorin Markov. That meeting set Nahiri on her course of vengeance, but the reasons for her anger have remained shrouded in mystery.

With our thirst somewhat slaked with the continuation of the Shadows Over Innistrad storyline, we were rather prepared for more doldrums.  Then an unexpected surprise - this brief video posted today by the mothersite on their YouTube channel -

The video description - 

Watch here June 20 as host Jimmy Wong takes you inside Eldritch Moon with Mark Rosewater, revealing the ancient horror behind the madness on Innistrad, new cards from the set, and more!

This purported new series called 'Access Magic', has us intrigued.  Next week we are being promised this -

On Episode 1 of Access Magic, Jimmy Wong sits down with Mark Rosewater to set the scene for Eldritch Moon and preview an exciting new card. Take on the darkness at Prerelease on July 16 and 17, 2016.

We do not often pop onto YouTube but it is with great certainty that we'll be anxiously awaiting to when this goes live on the 27th.  Jimmy Wong (you may likely know him from the Command Zone) promises to be a very well suited host.  Let's hope that Wizards of the Coast doesn't go Noah's Arcade on this.

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