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Deck Ideas - WWK Vampires

Good Day MTG peeps,

With the newest Magic the Gathering set now out, Worldwake, there appears to be a lot of players out there looking to either build a new deck or tweak an existing one.

To this end, we decided to run a series of articles providing some very general deck ideas. NOTE - these decks are meant for FUN casual kitchen table play or for standard constructed play at Friday Night Magic. You will note that the cards we choose may not be quite budget but will certainly not include expensive bombs the like of Wallet-Slayer Angel. We would like you to have a look and tweak these to your style as you see fit. Please drop us a comment

The next deck idea up is post Worldwake Vampires. Vampire builds are rather popular in our local metagame as we're certain it may be in many other regions. Following are our ideas for mainboard and sideboard inclusion - we had not the heart to suggest the number of each card to run - we leave this up to you to tweak and test.


Gatekeeper of Malakir - one does not mind too much not having a one-drop in this build with this guy in place to force one or more sacs.

Urge to Feed - Potentially solid removal - watch out for shenanigans. Counters dumped on your suckheads is never a bad thing either.

Marsh Casualties - Use this to rid the board of their silly 1 or 2 toughness tokens.

Bloodghast - We don't think a deckset may be necessary here - this is a good card with landfalling recursion.

Grim Discovery
- who doesn't like recursion - also a solid landfall force.

Vampire Nighthawk - one of the best vamps in the block so far - we love flying deathtouch lifelinky critters.

Vampire Nocturnus
- the vamp lord which delivers a +2/+1 boost and flying to your nasties is great. Drawback on this is

Anowon, the Ruin Sage - We like this card a lot - only time will tell if this will become popular. Just drop this if you come up against a mirror match.

Mind Sludge - Perhaps too mid to late game to really hurt but give it a try - we think this rocks against those blue decks which like to draw.

Tendrils of Corruption - Awesome card dealing effective damage and buying you some extra life.

Corrupted Zendikon - again, perhaps not a deckset but we can see some uses to animate that swamp of yours.

Swamp - of course - mono-black baby !

Other considerations / Sideboard

Guul Draz Vampire - having the potential for a 3/2 with intimidate for only one mana is decent.

Sign in Blood - this could be very useful to get your leg up on your opponent - the price of two mana and two life may very well be worth it depending upon where / how you are in your game.

Kalastria Highborn - a bit unsure here - it's like that really cool chick you wanted to date but she had crazy eyes.

Vampire Hexmage - a must have against planeswalkers and other cards which pile counters on such as Joraga / Mycoloth / etc.

Bloodhusk Ritualaist - Situational to good discard card.

Malakir Bloodwitch - yep - your gonna need this against the likes of Baneslayer and other white threats.

Anywhoos - Whichever your casual build takes you we hope you have a ton of Vampire fun - tweak this, take this out for a spin at the kitchen table or to your FNM and get back to us with your comments, feedback or constructive criticism.


Anonymous said...

Are you alright?
"Other Considerations/Sideboard" ???

Guul Draz Vampire, main board, good potential for B. (good for mana curve)
Kalastria Highborn, main board must
(possible combos with Bloodghast+Grim Discovery+Vampire Aristocrat)
Signs of Blood, main board must
(cheap card dominance)
Malakir Bloodwitch, 2 main board in case (Baneslayer, midgame finish).

Tendrils of Corruption, too slow for main, are you playing control or vamps?
Anowon, the Ruin Sage, too slow.
Marsh Casualties only acceptable as sideboard versus token spammers.

Anonymous said...

I have a pretty good set up with
4 Vampire Nighthawks
4 Child Of The Nights
1 Vampire Nocturnus
1 Kalitas, Bloodcheif of Ghet
1 Drana, Kalastria Highborn
1 Sword of vengeance
1 Coat of Arms
1 Sangromancer
1 Gatekeeper of Malakir
1 Corrupt
1Anowon, The Ruin Sage
1 Guul draz Vampire
1 Malakir Bloodwitch
1 Pulse tracker
1 Kalastria Highborn
1 Guul Draz Assassin
1 Viscera seer
2 Blood Seekers
2 Quag Sickness
3 Blood Tribute
3 Doom Blade
2 Grasp of Darkness
2 Feast of Blood
1 Sign in blood
2 Go for The Throat
23 swamps
It isn't standard but you can easily make it.