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Deck Ideas - WWK Elves

Good Day MTG peeps,

With the newest Magic the Gathering set now out, Worldwake, there appears to be a lot of players out there looking to either build a new deck or tweak an existing one.

To this end, we decided to run a series of articles providing some very general deck ideas. NOTE - these decks are meant for FUN casual kitchen table play or for standard constructed play at Friday Night Magic. You will note that the cards we choose may not be quite budget but will certainly not include expensive bombs the like of Wallet-Slayer Angel. We would like you to have a look and tweak these to your style as you see fit. Please drop us a comment

The next deck idea up is post Worldwake Elves. Following are our ideas for two Elf variants - we had not the heart to suggest the number of each card to run - we leave this up to you to tweak and test.


Llanowar Elves - The original lawnmower elf is still kicking it ramp style. A perfect one drop to accelerate your game.

Joraga Warcaller - We suggest you DO NOT drop this on turn one - or even turn two for that matter - you want to be able to multikick the heck out of this to pump him and all your other Elves. You may want to test ways to dump +1/+1 counters on him (like Quest for the Gemblades or Strength of the Tajuru).

Scattershot Archer - Great card to keep the skies clear of flying bird tokens (a la Emeeria Angel) - trouble is, this card is not that great until you get a Basilisk Collar on him - now we're cooking with a timmy point of deathtouch to any flying critter.

Vines of Vastwood - great instant to temporarily give one of your critters shroud-lite and a solid boost to boot.

Elvish Visionary - Card draw equals card advantage in our opinion - having no cards in hand equals little or no options.

Nissa's Chosen - Even without the Elf Planeswalker, this guy is not that bad. Great chump blocker who will almost always find its way back into your library.

Greenweaver Druid - Stage two booster rocket for mana acceration - you may not really need this unless you decide to run some big green fatties late game.

Elvish Archdruid - Great Elf Lord who not only pumps your elves but also serves mana salad.

Nissa Revane - two positives are great for a P/W. Your options are to chump out a critter or life gain - not bad. The third ability is likely to be totally devastating to your opponent. I have seen the third ability resolve at least thrice - it's controller won each game.

Oran-Rief, the Vastwood - great pump from a land and a favourite card among many running a green deck. We suggest you align the planets to get an additional counter on Joraga Warcaller.

Forest - off course

Elf Ally optional build

> There are not a whole lot of support in the Elf Ally folder in Worldwake - mind you, we think these are some fairly decent cards to kick some additional synergy into an Elf build but we think this will see a lot of play in casual fun decks. Again ally builds really need a truckload of allies.

Nature's Claim - situational but may prove worthy depending upon how dangerous that artifact or enchantment is.

Canopy Cover - We love this aura. Shroud and limited evasion is plain good.

Vastwood Animist - time to animate some land. We prefer to use Awakener Druid to churn out a 4/5 Treefolk but this card may have its uses.

Tajuru Archer - again, this card becomes more dangerous with the more allies you have on the table.

Joraga Bard - meh. vigilance until end of turn.

Turntimber Ranger
- We like this guy. Whenever an ally hits your side of the table, this gets pumped and pukes out a 2/2 wolf token.

Strength of the Tajuru - This may be sweet with Joraga Warcaller.

Anywhoos - Whichever your casual build takes you we hope you have a ton of Vampire fun - tweak this, take this out for a spin at the kitchen table or to your FNM and get back to us with your comments, feedback or constructive criticism.

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