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Deck Ideas - WWK Artifacts

Good Day MTG peeps,

With the newest Magic the Gathering set now out, Worldwake, there appears to be a lot of players out there looking to either build a new deck or tweak an existing one.

To this end, we decided to run a series of articles providing some very general deck ideas. NOTE - these decks are meant for FUN casual kitchen table play or for standard constructed play at Friday Night Magic. You will note that the cards we choose may not be quite budget but will certainly not include expensive bombs the like of Wallet-Slayer Angel. We would like you to have a look and tweak these to your style as you see fit. Please drop us a comment

The next deck idea up is post Worldwake Artifacts. With previous posts in this deck idea series, we would like to use as much new card hotness and will freely admit that this will not come close to replacing some of the really solid decks that came out of Esper in the Shards of Alara Block.

Main Deck

Ornithopter - A colourless 0/2 chump blocker for free - never a bad thing.

Hedron Scrabbler - Not very good and just passable with landfall.

Walking Atlas - Interesting card - a good way to get a jump on the early game by dropping extra lands. (FYI - ensure you've read the errata )

Ethersworn Canonist - Our first control card - this will start being a pain to your opponent by limiting non-artifact spells and letting you catch an early break.

Metallurgeon - We rather like this card. In games we've played with this guy across the board from us, we got frustrated. Great regen card.

Pilgrim's Eye - We've used this guy to find a land when we're short and to provide a flying chump blocker.

Hedron Rover - This is really Hedron Scrabbler version 2.0 - still sucky.

Lodestone Golem - This is our second control-ish card. Having your opponent pay extra is great and may even mess up / delay those nasty cascade spells.

Scourglass - Great board wiper that leaves your critters intact.

Open the Vaults - This is bombtastic and could be the game-winner for you by disgorging pretty much everything in your graveyard to the battlefield.

Gargoyle Castle - Not sure why players (in my local metagame) don't like this card - it provides mana and a late game option to push a 3/4 flier out.

Dread Statuary - Just another mid-game option to animate a land to land a hit on your opponent's nose.

Plains - of course.

Sorry - no sideboard yet - develop your own and drop a comment to help us out - BUT - here is some options to either go blue or perhaps even mix it up with blue and the existing cards above . . .

Etherium Sculptor - Get your artifact spells on the cheap.

Master of Etherium - Awesome artifact creature lord - the only drawback we can foresee is that is power / toughness is linked to the number of artifact creature you control (which would not be a problem if you ran a artifact creature token generator like Sharding Sphinx.

Tezzeret the Seeker - Who can deny that an artifact Planeswalker is good in a artifact deck?

Darksteel Colossus - Late game bad-a$$ery and rather economical considering an even ratio of mana to creature power. Bonus as this will never take a dirtnap in your graveyard.

Overflowing Chalice - Think of it as a mana piggy-bank which could seriously pay out dividends latter on when you need it.

Islands - of course.

Anywhoos - Whichever your casual build takes you we hope you have a ton of artifact fun - tweak this, take this out for a spin at the kitchen table or to your FNM and get back to us with your comments, feedback or constructive criticism.


Anonymous said...

What about an equipment deck with Kors?

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all,
I've been working on something pretty similar.

Lodestone Golem really really helps!

Esper's Revenge!!!

24 Critters
4 Tidehollow Scullers
4 Ethersworn Canonists
4 Esper Stormblades
4 Masters of Etherium
4 Esperzoas
4 Lodestone Golems

16 Others
8 Esper Borderposts
4 Couriers Capusules
2 Tezzeret the Seekers
2 Open the Vaults

20 Lands
4 Gargoyle Castles
4 Arcane Sanctums
4 Islands
4 Swamps
4 Plains

eric ericksen