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Worldwake Visual Spoiler

Good Day Magic the Gathering fans,
If you have any great stories from your Worldwake PreRelease weekend, make sure you drop by our last post (HERE) where we had provided some coverage of the Toronto Regional Worldwake PreRelease event hosted by SkyFox Games.

Today, we thought it à propos to provide a handy Worldwake Visual Spoiler - you may also want to check out the completed Worldwake spoiler list HERE as well. If you love to build casual standard decks like we do, your invaluable resource is the MTG Gatherer Card database, so make sure you check it out as well.

Here is our handy document hosted at Scrbd . . .
Worldwake Visual Spoiler

Also - some important notes about Worldwake errata issued by Wizards / DCI reposted from Mark Gottlieb's recent article . . .

Of some note are two Worldwake cards that need errata right out of the gate. One is Walking Atlas, an artifact creature. The word "artifact" was inadvertently omitted from its type line. That's a mistake; it's clearly an artifact creature if you look at it.

The other is Nemesis Trap. It says to put a "creature token" that's a copy of another creature onto the battlefield. The problem is that the token might not be a creature. If you copy an animated land, for example, the token will be a regular, non-animated land. (It's a copy of the permanent, ignoring all effects—such as the animation effect—that have been applied to it.) For that reason, Nemesis Trap has received minor errata to specify that you put a "token," not a "creature token," onto the battlefield.

Stay tuned for more Worldwake goodness - card reviews, pre-release / release event stories, combos / synergies, etc.

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Can you please make an image version of the spoiler?