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Deck Ideas - UW Allies

Good Day MTG peeps,

With the newest Magic the Gathering set now out, Worldwake, there appears to be a lot of players out there looking to either build a new deck or tweak an existing one.

To this end, we decided to run a series of articles providing some very general deck ideas. NOTE - these decks are meant for FUN casual kitchen table play or for standard constructed play at Friday Night Magic. You will note that the cards we choose may not be quite budget but will certainly not include expensive bombs the like of Wallet-Slayer Angel. We would like you to have a look and tweak these to your style as you see fit. Please drop us a comment

The next deck idea up is the Blue / White Allies . . . (with a chance of mill) -

Now the main purpose is not to present a milling deck but an Ally Deck that also happens to mill - let's have a peak of what's in . . .

Hada Freeblade - grow with each now ally hitting the table.

Hedron Crab - Our fav landfalling mill crab - don't expect to deck your opponent, just mill for hopefully a few frustrating turns till this crab gets eaten.

Kazandu Blademaster - First Strike vigilence 2/2 drop is not a bad start - protect your milling dudes or go aggro as the situation demands.

Halimar Excavator - Every time an Ally hits the table while this guy is out, your opponent will be losing weight in their library.

Wall of Denial
- This is definitely needed to protect your tech from board threats. Love 'em those flying shroud defenders.

Kabira Evangel - There should be three of this guy in the mix. Providing protection against any chosen colour is good in our books.

Umara Raptor - Hopefully, this bird will grow to be a huge threat with all the allies coming on board.

Sea Gate Loremaster - Having the ability to draw cards is directly related to card advantage - card advantage most often equals board advantage and being able to provide timely responses as the game develops.

Path to Exile - Critter removal is never bad - especially when you pair this with archive trap.

Narrow Escape - We love this card - being able to bounce allies back to your hand to repeat juicy effects is great.

Join the Ranks - This could certainly be fodder for chump blockers but we like to have the previous ally effects be repeated twice-fold as this card is played. Being an instant, one could play this while Kabira Evangel is out to provide cover during your oppoents red burn turn.

Archive Trap - This is a decent mill card, even better when paired with Path to Exile.

Celestial Colonnade - Please substitute any blue / white dual land if you don't have some of these.

Halimar Depths - provides some control to your play by setting up what you will be drawing next.

Plains - some of those.

Island - and those too.

Sorry - we have not had a moment to think about a sideboard just yet.

Anywhoos - This does look fun - tweak this, take this out for a spin at the kitchen table or to your FNM and get back to us with your comments, feedback or constructive criticism.


Pascal Costanza said...

Isn't Aether Tradewinds better than Narrow Escape?

Rocky said...

Halimar Excavator and no Rite of Replication!? Do you realize that Rite of Replication kicked on just ONE Halimar Excavator will mill your opponent for 180 cards... BRUTAL XD. I would think about taking advantage of that. That is what I did in my U/W build, and the best thing is that it is random. No one REALLY expects it. Game two I side in Negates and Cancel to keep my Halimar Excavator safe since they realize, GET RID OF THE COMBO. xD

Teh Tmn8R said...

jwari shapeshifter is a necessity!

Robb said...

err, rite of replication kicked on 1 halimar excavator will mill 30 cards (providing the halimar is yours) and not 180.

jwari shapeshifter is necessary for any ally decks.

any rate, i think you need to get your priority right. you either mill and keep your defenses high or whack the shit out of your opponent. having both together is a bad call.

if you're going mill ally, you can drop the raptor and play shieldmate. you might also want to run jace beleren or tome scour. ondu cleric would be helpful too, to make you stay alive. you'd also not need kabira evangel in this deck.

if you're going offensive ally, you'll want talus paladin in your arsenal together seascape aerialist for the advantage. ;)

Rocky said...

I disagree, I am pretty sure the math says 180. The thing is that Rite brings in 5 tokens all at the same time, providing an enormous trigger of effects.

Each excavator sees all 5 excavators enter the battlefield, which means each one will trigger 5 times. Each trigger will resolve seeing 6 allies. That's 6 excavators * 5 triggers * 6 per trigger = 180 cards.

Lord Helmet said...

Basilisk Collar on Kazandu Blademaster would be SICK. The collar will probably be (and should) be in nearly every deck soon.

Sven said...

Indeed, the tokens see each other enter the battlefield. So X will be at least 6 if the Halimar Excavator was under your control.
Resulting in a 6x5 = 30 card milling.
But I do believe the game will be finished before you reach 7UU mana to kick the Rite of Replication ;-)

I agree with Robb. Introduce Jwari Shapeshifter and if you like the milling part, go more defensive; otherwise leave it out.

Seems like a real fun deck idea though!

Steven said...

Actually it will result in 180 cards. Each token comes into play and sees each other token coming into play too. Therefore you get 5 triggers PER ALLY. Each trigger will result in 5 cards plus one more for each ally out. 180 assumes you only have the one excavator out.

Rocky said...

Well I see one person gets the Rite + Halimar combo.
Let's see if I can explain it a bit better just in case if others are still doubting the fact that it can mill 180 cards.

You have 1 Ally, Halimar to be specific and you Replicate it KICKED, bringing in 5 more Halimar.

1 is seeing 5 come into play so the trigger stacks for the 6 Allies.

1 - 5
2 - 10
3 - 15
4 - 20
5 - 25
6 - 30

but that is only ONE Halimar activating. So it cycles through 5 more times for each Halimar.. therefore 30 x 6 = 180.

Joe said...

I'm not sure how the card plays exactly but, Usually when i play against Jund or RDW I will pop a bunch of life gains like rest for the weary, sunspring expedition etc. while im getting mana and then i'll have about 6-8 mana down and play 3-4 allies at once, usually 2 excavators 2 shape shifters whcih is 4 entering the field, in turn you mill 1, 4, 9, 16 = 30 that w/ atleast 1 archive trap usually wins the game for me. if a 5th or 6th entered..
This is as they are entering:
1,4,9,16,25,36 = 95 i think. so that reads like 1 enters you mill 1, 2nd one enters you mill 4, third mill 9 etc.

UW alli mill is pretty bad ass if you got the life gain to survive early jund and rdw to get your mana down to play all your guys at once.

ee said...

when the 5 tokens enter the battlefield as halimar exavator, it will trigger the same time and will not cause 180 times to mill...the tokens came to the battlefield at the same time and triggers like this:

1 original halimar excavator triggers 6x
1 token hal.exca. triggers 6x
1 token hal.exca. triggers 6x
1 token hal.exca. triggers 6x
1 token hal.exca. triggers 6x
1 token hal.exca. triggers 6x

6 x 6 = 36 cards are milled this way..