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Worldwake PreRelease Sealed

Righto - Just one more video on the Toronto Regional PreRelease hosted by SkyFox Games last weekend - We want to show you our sealed pool - yes we know that this can be somewhat boring (looking at what other people may have pulled), but believe us, we think you will like this vid . . .

For that full pool list and final build, just pause the video and have a look.

We went with a 'Bant-ish' kind of build with fairly even distribution across green, blue and white which may be somewhat frightening for some players but it seemed to work not all that badly for us.

Cards that impressed us most (or rather surprised us) in this sealed build while playing last Saturday were Rest for the Weary, Wind Zendikon, and Stirring Vastwood - I guess we had under-rated them. Journey to Nowhere really shined and we did have a game or two where Spreading Seas really wrecked our opponent's mana-base.

All in all, we were fairly impressed with the ZEN / ZEN / ZEN / WWK / WWK / WWK - hey - We are casual players and this game was just fun - the way it should be.

Speaking of vids - we found this awesome funny video posted by zSolaris on the Tube. This was done in a light-hearted poke at MaRo / Ken at WoTC who had indicated that some 'good blue cards would be printed' (in Worldwake).

Don't know about you guys, but we LoL'd - srsly.
Stick around for more MTG Realm goodness . . . we leave you off by reposting that funny pic (by request from some) again . . . yep - again - rules nutters - don't take seriously - we just wanted a meme.

Platinum Angel + Abyssal Persecutor phail.

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Anonymous said...

OMFG XDDD, that hitler video was helarious omg i watched it so many times! hahahaha its so true! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BEAT THEM JUND NET DECKERS NOW? DO YOU WANT ME TO PLAY SPREADING SEAS??! DO YOU REALIZE HOW PATHETIC THAT IS? Where are our blue cards MaRo Promised us! JACE? do they think JACE can do it alone?? we need counters! this video is a great find