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Worldwake Launch Party

On Saturday, we headed on over to the local Worldwake Launch Party and played in the sealed event at OMG Games, here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Yep - we had a blast.

This release event for the newest Magic the Gathering set was well attended, given the blizzard-like conditions and police reports of polar bears and Tundra Wolves just outside the village.

It appears that all players had a great time and the T.O. / Store Owner Rob, even broke out extra random prizes for the attendees. Great swag was in the form of leftover cool DCI promos he had hanging around. All in all, a great event at a local store (where everyone knows your name à la Cheers).

Anywhoos - here's the video summary of the day at OMG Games . . .

I will have to say that one of the highlights of the day was pulling that new Jace (Mind Sculptor) out of my boosters - yep - that puppy is going for $60 (USD) at a lot of major on-line retailers.

My build, as you can tell from the vid went kind of white / blue / green with a major Ally theme to it. Cards that shined was Join the Ranks, Halimar Excavator, and Graypelt Hunter. In the sealed format, Allies do rather well - throw in some milling and DANG! - not too shabby considering the 40-card library size.

Thanks again to Rob at OMG Games for putting on a great event - In other news, he just started up his MTG eBay store - drop by HERE.

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Mr Dude said...

hehe i got jace on saturday as well : D