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Swiss Army Kor

Good Day folks,

We finally got around to putting together a real cardboard Magic the Gathering deck for the new post-Worldwake Kor. Those equipment loving white weenies just got a whole lot better with with Stoneforge Mystic. With the Mystic on board, a deck builder may now significantly reduce the slots in the deck for equipment and fill these spots with other threats or answers.

Right off the get-go, grab some popKORn and watch this short video . .

We suggest that you guys check out Jacob Van Lunen's article, entitled 'Equip and Swing!' posted yesterday on Wizards. It was because of this article (and the results of some MTGO results) we had included our only non-Kor Kritter, White Knight. With the ability to find the new equipment hotness, Basilisk Collar, which provides deathtouch and lifelink, we would have a heavy preference for a first or double striker to bowl over fatties on the other side of the table.

You should note that this deck will be evolving with the local metagame and may very well include a provision for Kor Skyfisher bouncing sejiri Steppe back into our hands to double the capacity of times we call protection against a given colour.

We know what your thinking - wassup with the one-of Admonition Angel ? No reason really, we have a matching playmat, we have a matching webpage header, and we think this art is wicked cool - again - no real reason. Anywhoos - here is our list - (no final numbers on what cards we want decksets of)

Admonition Angel, Conqueror's Pledge, Marshal's Anthem, White Knight, Armament Master, Kor Aeronaut, Kor Firewalker, Stoneforge Mystic, Kor Duelist, Journey to Nowhere, Brave the Elements, Harm's Way, Emeria, the Sky Ruin, Tectonic Edge, Sigil of Distinction, Quietus Spike, Whispersilk Cloak, Trailblazer's Boots, Basilisk Collar, Trusty Machete.


We really are looking forward to using a double-equipped Kor armed with Quietus Spike and then a Whispersilk Cloak to swing in and drop our opponent's life big time. Anywhoos - here's hoping the planets will align on this.

We will run another video soon featuring a green-white token build featuring Plants, Ants, Birds, and Beasts . . . so like stay tuned eh.

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