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2013 MTG Happy Holidays Promo

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Meterologically speaking, it's been relatively mild so far but things have quite decidedly become cold 'n' crisp heralding the oncoming Winter (insert GoT quip here).  

Plutôt à propos, WotC staffer TJ dropped this year's intended 'Happy Holidays' card in the Arcana.  These Magic: the Gathering Holidays Cards are not tournament-legal but completely fun in foil, which are provide to Wizards’ staff and business partners. Say hello to the 2013 Happy Holidays card - the homophonically witty 'Stocking Tiger'!

Stocking Tiger, 5
Artifact Creature - Cat Construct
Stocking Tiger enters the battlefield with a sealed Magic booster pack under it.
When Stocking tiger deals combat damage to a player, unwrap the booster pack and put it into your hand.
Just hope yours isn't full of coal golems.  Illustrated by Terese Nielsen

Here is a review of past Magic the Gathering Holiday cards - we'll say Christmas Cards as we just so happen to be Christian. Click on the linky for each to download the wallpaper or to embiggen that image -

Naughty / Nice, Christmas 2012, by Terese Nielsen 
(Facebook Cover) 851x315 / 851x315

Yule Ooze, Christmas 2011 by Steve Prescott


Snow Mercy, Christmas 2010 by RK Post


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