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Born of the Gods Art Spoilers

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Just in time for Christmas and the Holiday Season is some very lovely / intriguing / awesome Magic: the Gathering art spoilers for the next set, Born of the Gods ('BNG').  The next set hits your local game store shelves on 7th February with the PreRelease events taking place the weekend before.  Some of these new illustrations we have seen before in Hero's Path (a series of gaming events spanning the entire Theros block), and some images are completely new.  The first set of six images are part of WotC's media release kit for local gaming stores and online vendors.  Speaking of online vendors, we're are completely digg'n the Greek mythology theme of this block and will most certainly be pre-ordering a bunch of BNG cards from MTG Mint Card.  Anywhoos - let's have a looky-loo of the images now -
Hero's Path poster, illustration by David Palumbo
PreRelease Poster, illustration by Tyler Jacobson
 Launch Poster, illustrated by Aleski Briclot

 Game Day Poster, illustrated by Michael Komarck
League Poster, illustrated by Slawomir Maniak

 Friday Night Magic Poster, illustrated by Jason Chan
The following images are banners posted to the Bazaar of Moxen website advertising the upcoming Grand Prix Paris tournament scheduled for February.  We suspect that some, of the images may have been commissions from Wizards of the Coast for Theros but not used.  All very kewl arts -


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