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Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We trust all had a great weekend.  For today's post we wanted to cover off a variety of Magic: the Gathering items and we'll kick things off first with news from the weekend's tournament - Grand Prix Vienna.

Just under 1,500 players participated in GP Vienna which was won by Polish player Marcin Staciwa who perhaps not surprisinly won with a mono-blue devotion deck.  In fact, if we recall correctly seven of the top sixteen (and three of the top eight) decks were mono-blue.  Here at MTG Realm, we're developing a few different decks with recent MTG singles ordered from MTG Mint Card (who by the way is running a sweet Cyber-Monday sale) to exploit the current metagame (mono-colour devotion builds).  Anywhos - Here is Marcin's winning list -

25 lands : 20  Island, 4  Mutavault, 1  Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
28 creatures : 4  Cloudfin Raptor, 4  Frostburn Weird, 4  Judge's Familiar, 4  Master of Waves, 4  Nightveil Specter, 4  Thassa, God of the Sea, 4  Tidebinder Mage
5 other spells : 2  Bident of Thassa, 2  Cyclonic Rift, 1  Rapid Hybridization
2 planeswalkers : 2  Jace, Architect of Thought

Something else of interest also out of Vienna - It is reported that local authorities had dropped in and imposed an age limit of 18 and at this time the reasons are not completely clear but it may be an interpretation of a gambling by-law as there was a cash prize (and obviously an entry fee).  This unfortunately had blind-sided not only the tournament organizer but any parents who may have travelled (perhaps even from another country) to participate.  Rather unfortunate as the legal age for alcoholic consumption (non-distilled beverages) is 16.  What gives?

Next up - some MTG rumours are leaking out for the next set, Born of the Gods.

Post by forum member 'Ceth' who incidates Selesnya (green / whhite), and Azorious (blue / white) 'scrylands' are in for Born of the Gods.  Ceth also indicates he saw about twenty potentially new card arts which may be the multi-colour demi-gods or minor gods, an enchantment-themed mechanic.

And lastly - Forum moderator 'TK-421' received some fodder for the rumour mill, which he promptly provided a bit of a puzzle for members to chew on.  To this end, here are TK-421's Born of the Gods rumour nuggets -

• "The temple for the Goddess of Harvest has gratitude for their Goddess, as she provides them plenty."
• "People seek for enlightenment in the temple for the Goddess of Polis."
• "Unlike other temples, where they asked for guidance"

From this, we can arrive at the following assumptions -
Harvest - Karametra, green / white
Polis - Ephara, blue / white
Slaughter - Mogis, black / red

Furthermore, the following three scrylands are suggested for inclusion in Born of the Gods, with the remaining two scryland appearing in Journey into Nyx.
Temple of Enlightenment (blue / white)
Temple of Malice (black / red)
Temple of Plenty (green / white)

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