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Creature Spotlight - Nantuko

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Every once and a while here at MTG Realm, we like to have a look at some of the more interesting or unusual creatures in Magic: the Gathering.  On the weekend, we were organising some card singles we had recently acquired from MTG Mint Card into our collection when we came across the M11 core set rare 'Nantuko Shade'.  We have to admit we did not know much beyond the fact that there were perhaps a handful of other similarily named insect cards and remember one of our EDH buddies yatter about Phantom Nantuko getting a reprint in Commander 2013 for which he was excited to game with.  Anywhoos, here's our exploration of this particular creature subtype . . .

The Nantuko are a sentient race of mostly benevolent man-sized insects, who lived a life of strong respect for nature and protected the Krosan Forest. In Magic: the Gathering, these creatures are represented typically as green-aligned DruidsNantuko are most commonly found in Krosa on Otaria, but have appeared on Urborg as well. The current fate of the Nantuko race is unknown, as Krosa has been all but destroyed after the machinations of Karona, the Mirari, and the time rifts. 

Some Nantuko Teachings are found on card flavour text and DANG! - these are very well written and all very suitable for use on fortune cookies.  We can easily imagine Philosoraptor dropping these little nuggets of deep-thinking knowledge.

• None can find what hasn't been lost.

• Unanswered prayers are themselves answers.

• Plant a field with wishes, and you will grow more wishes.

• The soul sheds light, and death is its shadow. when the light dims, life and death embrace.

• That which grows without roots cannot be uprooted.

• Your past is a map to where you will go.

• Death is a moth that dances toward out inner flame. The brightest fire can singe its wings.

• A blossom's petals close inward to shut out the frost.


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