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MTG Tumblr Thursday

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,
We are advancing towards the weekend, which hopefully will provide you will a good measure of Magic: the Gathering gaming.  If you happen to find yourself in Central Ontario (about a 50-min. drive north of Toronto), drop in to OMG! Games in the City's north end across the road from Georgian College.  Kick'n things off with Friday Night Magic, you can head into two great tournaments on Saturday - the 2-Headed Giant Commander game gets under way at 12:30 p.m., and the one-on-one Pauper Commander is set to start at 4:30 p.m.  Sunday, OMG! Games will run their regular Modern League, again a nice start at 1:00 p.m. - so - see you at the game tables!

Anywhoos - as the title of today's post suggests, we are digging into recent posts to MTG Realm on Tumblr.  Let's have a look -
Magic: the Gathering - The Sin Collector
Never, never, ever sign you Sin Donor Card.
Thanks Monty Python for making my MTG weird …

WIP shots of a Liliana Vess bust.
approx. 12 x 16,  the bust should be nearing completion within the next month or so.  Updates will continue as the bust comes closer to completion.
OH HELL YEASSS ! ! Solid Work - Looks great !

Magic: the Gathering - Magical Captions
Master of Waves (Theros Rare) has something to say - help him out.
Submit a caption.  What’s your lulz?


Born of the Gods PreRelease

An update / correction to my previous post -
Five different Born of the Gods Prerelease Packs each containing :

2 Born of the Gods booster packs
3 Theros booster packs
1 Seeded booster pack
1 Premium promo card
1 Activity card
1 Spindown life counter
1 Welcome Letter
1 Hero Card

Magic: the Gathering - Voidmage
Some Voidmage Husher illustration comparatives with Chippy’s Time Spiral Card and that of Ryan Pancoast’s IDW Comic Book promo.
I’m most certainly leaning toward the original card art here.  Your thoughts?

Magic: the Gathering - Born of the Gods Prerelease

Quest 4 on the Hero’s Path takes place at the Born of the Gods Prerelease events, February 1 and 2, 2014. As with Theros, players will choose their heroic path based on a favorite mana color and receive a Seeded Prerelease Pack based on that color.

The Prerelease Packs are as follows;
• WHITE - Destined to Lead
• BLUE - Destined to Outwit
• BLACK - Destined to Dominate
• RED - Destined to Conquer
• GREEN - Destined to Thrive

Each ‘seeded’ Prerelease Pack contains the following;
5 Born of the Gods booster packs,
• 1 ‘Seeded booster pack’,
• 1 Premium foil pre-release promo card,
• 1 Activity card,
• 1 Spindown life counter,
• 1 Welcome Letter, and
• 1 Hero Card
EDIT - PreRelease packs will contain TWO (2) Born of the Gods Boosters and THREE (3) Theros Boosters


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