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Monday Miscelleany

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

For today's post, expect a bunch of non-related Magic: the Gathering miscelleany from over the course of the last three days or so.  Strap in and let's go.

First up -

The official announcement over on the mothersite today of the second set in the Theros block.  Born of the Gods is to be released on 7 February, 2013, and will be followed up by the third and last set 'Journey into Nyx' in this block.  Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast did not preview any artwork with the announcement (again), which has some gamers vexed.  Of note is that there are an additional 20 extra cards (165 cards in total) that we do not usually see in a standard second set.

Second up -
A possible leak about the upcoming Theros set most likely via the Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters product.  We are most definitely excited about this next block and have already planned to take adavantage of an early bird pre-order special that MTG Mint Card is having.  Again, we caution readers to rely solely upon officially previewed cards on the mothersite.  Here is what forum member 'Queeg' has for us - one could expect reprints for Pyrokinesis, Deus of Calamity, Nobilis of War in Duel Decks. In addition to that there's also news of these two new cards to be printed in both DD: HvM and Theros -

Polukranos, World-Eater, 2gg
Legendary Creature - Hydra
Monstrosity - xxg, : Put X +1/+1 counters on Polukranos World-Eater. Then, Polukranos, World-Eater deals damage equal to the number of counters put onto Polukranos this way among any number of target creatures. Those creatures deal damage to Polukranos, World-Eater equal to their power. Activate this ability only if there are no counters on Polukranos.

Some Boros guy, 1wr
first strike, vigilance
Heroic - Whenever cardname is the target of a spell you control, creeatures you control get +1/+1, and gain trample until end of turn.


Third up -
Our Magic 2014 Game Day event at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land.  RStomp and RetroTech were busy so yours truly, CopySix went solo.  I had gone to the Sunday M14 Game Day event to avoid larger crowds and happened to come in fifth place with a Bant Hexproof build.  I had gone 2-2 and then dropped as I needed to be somewhere else.

Great games with Korie M. (aggressive G/W build - won against), Mike D. (nice mono-black with control elements - lost against), Ben F. (fast R/W Boros - won against - image above), and Dan S. (honestly cannot remember what Dan played - lost against).

Lastly, here's the Magic: the Gathering - Game Day Promos I had scored over the weekend -

• Regular - illustrated by Maciej Kuciara
• Game Day promo - illustrated by Johann Bodin

• Regular - Izzy
• Game Day promo - Jesper Ejsing


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