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MTG Worlds Day One

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We are continuing, whenever we can to catch up with all the Magic: the Gathering pro-play goodness taking place at the 2013 Magic World Championship.  Here's a quick summary of what's went down yesterday and expected today -

Day 1 (Wednesday, July 31)
• Modern Masters Booster Draft – 3 Swiss rounds.
• Standard constructed – 3 Swiss rounds.

Day 2 (Thursday, August 1)
• Magic 2014 Booster Draft – 3 Swiss rounds.
• Modern constructed – 3 Swiss rounds.

As we here at MTG Realm play mostly standard in a Friday Night Magic environment, we're certainly interested at what some of the top players took along to play at the World Championship to game with.  Here's builds from players sitting in the top three spots at the end of day one (all images from Wizards of the Coast event coverage) - - -

Reid Duke (Jund)

Brian Kibler (Gruul Aggro)

Sharhar Shenhar (UWR Flash)


These decks look solid but we would not likely want to build and take along to our local store (OMG! Games in Barrie).  Instead, what caught our attention is Craig Wescoe's Boros Aggro build (we've always liked Craig's deck strategies / style) -

Yep - that's the ticket.  We need just a few singles from MTG Mint Card and we have the rest to complete this or something very close to this.
Here's the standings at the end of day one - to get the latest action, pop onto the Wizards streaming coverage over here.

Name        /      Total Points
Duke, Reid         15    
Kibler, Brian         12    
Shenhar, Shahar     12    
Stark, Ben         9    
Cifka, Stanislav     9    
Wescoe, Craig         9    
Watanabe, Yuuya     9    
Edel, Willy         6    
Froehlich, Eric     6    
Utter-Leyton, Josh     6    
Ochoa, David         6    
Nakamura, Shuhei     6    
Martell, Tom         6    
Shi Tian, Lee         6    
Butakov, Dmitriy     3    
Juza, Martin         0

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