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Theros Legendary Enchantment Artifact

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Yesterday we saw another somewhat suspicious spoiler for Theros, the next large Magic: the Gathering set due out this fall.  There have been a handfull of Theros cards 'spoiled' which proved fake.  For this reason, we here at MTG Realm take a rather cautious approach when reporting.  Anywhoos - yesterday's spoiler via Facebook / Reddit did prove worthy and we are fairly certain we have a winner - again, we caution readers to only rely upon official previews over at the mothersite.

Yesterday, Reddit user SMDC informed the gaming community that a Facebook friend had this update - "...we noticed that the Theros release promo was spoiled on the very bottom left of the Experiment One Friday Night Magic promo poster; I forgot the name of the card... but I remember what it does!".  He went on to provide some card details and what caught a lot of MTG rumor mongers off guard was the card type / subtype - 'Legendary Enchantment Artifact'.  Wow - that is one fat Chalupa with ALL the toppings - cant we squeeze another name on this type line if we tried with a shoehorn.  We'll be at the FNM event at OMG! Games here is Barrie tomorrow, so hopefully they also have the same poster for our confirmation.  The image is reported to be at the bottom of a Friday Night Magic poster hanging up in a local gaming store.  Anywhoos - long story short, SMDC came through for the community and delivered pics.  We present to you now . . .

Bident of Thassa, 2uu
Legendary Enchantment Artifact     Rare
Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card.
1{U}, {T}: Creatures your opponents control attack this turn if able.

The first bit of weirdness here is that with yesterday's Planeswalker's Guide to Theros, we were intorducted to Dekella, the spear used / associated with Thessa, blue-aligned god of the sea.  The name and the art certainly is correct - a bident (not a trident) and then we go off the deep end with a legendary artifact enchantment with tap abilities.  We admit we kind of got excited about the potential in Theros to push the existing Pillow Fort build(Enchantments and Sphere of Safety), and then we had the sads - so much easier to blow this card up with Naturalize (kills artifacts or enchantments).  We will just have to wait and see if this card really is the rumored Theros Release promo, and how this will interact with the gods and heroes in Theros.

Also - a reminder - the THEROS Early Bird Special is closing today at MTG Mint Card - so get in there now.

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cheshire vash said...

This could be a case of a Viral 'leak' campaign that Wizards did, altered only one single poster to be officially shipped out to some random store. I would like to find out exactly when stores received these posters to start with, as that can help a lot with knowing how much time one would have to come up with getting a hold of a poster for the intents of editing it.

Then we have the fact that this art is ever before seen. I certainly have not seen it before. If this is a fake, two options either the guy had gotten hold of the official art before anyone else or he personally created the art from scratch. The fact this was spoiled yesterday, same day as the official PW Guide to Theros, that means he had to create it from scratch within hours and then print it out as a tiny image on a big poster.

I honestly do not see this card being fake, it's too much effort with far too little time to create that art.