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2013 World Champions Modern

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Today we wanted to take a brief look back at the recent 2013 Magic: the Gathering World Championship tournament that was held in Amsterdam last weekend.  Specifically, let's have a looky-loo at the two top Modern format decklists which went to the finals.

The winning Modern list was a very slick blue / red / white flash build played by Shahar Shenhar, who not only happened to be the youngest player in the field at 19, but also found a way against the odds at taking opponent's Reid Duke's killer hexproof build.  Shahar also happens to be a member of Team Madness and writes for MTG Madness.  So be sure to drop off congratulatory fan mail over there.  For the full run down on how it went down click on over to the mothersite.

Righto - all the decklists are over here, but let's have a quick look at these two Modern format builds -

Shahar Shenhar b/w/r Flash
Give this a play on the sample hand generator here.  A nice blend of control 'n' burn with so many options to flashback
Reid Duke Hexproof 
Try a sample hand over here. We really love our standard format bant hexproof but feel it could greatly improve with some card draw - with Reid's build here it's no problemo with cards such as Kor Spiritdancer and Keen Sense.

Anywhoos, if you have an itching to grab a few MTG singles for your Modern build, drop by MTG Mint Card.  Happy Brewing!

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