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Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Today we want to draw your attention to an absolutely great resource for Magic: the Gathering players - the Magic Judge Rules Blog.  This blog is operated by Chris Richter, Josh Stansfield and Jason Lemahieu and a handful of other wonderful and helpful DCI Judges.  Being rather casual gamers here at MTG Realm whom you will find either at the kitchen table or at a Friday Night Magic event, we've unfortunately limited ourselves to reading over the FAQ documents published with each new set Wizards of the Coast providesWe have however been dropping by the Judge Rules blog which provides vital rules information / interpretations in an 'easy to digest' format along with examples.  

The other week,  after receiving another order of cards from MTG Mint Card, we found ourselves at the kitchen table with a Witchstalker (in a Bant Hexproof build) which got nerfed with the blue / black 'Far // Away' fuse spell.  Although an Avacyn's Pilgrim got bounced, leaving the Witchstalker was the only warm body on the field at the time for a sac, we did ask ourselves about how many counters hog/wolf/whatever would get, if any had there been another critter.  We did figure it out with a handy post from the Rules blog, who had just recently published it - very handy indeed.
Anywhoos - here's a slew of recent post titles to give you an idea as to the content on the blog.  If you live a chunk of your day on Tumblr like we do, you should check out 'Ask a Magic Judge'.  

Fiendslayer Paladin vs. Boros Reckoner (the Paladin isn’t safe)
Boros Reckoner’s ability is not a spell, and it can target the Fiendslayer Paladin just fine. Assuming the trigger was for 2 or more damage, it will kill that Paladin dead.


Pyromancer’s Gauntlet with Flames of the Firebrand.
If you send all of the Flames at one target, the Gauntlet will add on 2 damage, for a total of 5. However, if you split up the Flames targeting three different creatures or players, the Gauntlet will add 2 damage to each separate instance of 1 damage — and that’s a total of 9 damage!


Super tech! Regenerating Lotleth Troll to dodge Azorius Charm.
Although appearing counter-intuitive, cast Abrupt Decay on your own Lotleth Troll in response to your opponent casting Azorius Charm on it.


Aurelia and Legion’s Initiative
Multiple attacks and blinking.


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