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IDW Theros Promos

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

A happy Friday indeed as it is Friday Night Magic.  Magic: the Gathering fans around the world are taking part at local FNM events held at their local gaming stores.  We will be heading off to OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.  As school is soon underway, we'll be expecting a few more familiar faces as students at Georgian College across the road start to re-occupy dorms.

Anywhoos - onto today's article - An interesting Theros spoiler - not from the actual MTG set but rather from the IDW comics.  Some time ago, IDW comics had teamed up with Wizard of the Coast to create a 4-comic book series based on the storyline. It introduced a new planeswalker, Dack Fayden (Eric Deschamp concept illustration shown here) who could easily be mistaken for a GQ front pager.  Long story short, the first series whose story was rooted in the Plane of Innistrad was a hit, and serveral more series was developed.  One thing which we definitely look forward to is that in each of the comic books, there is playable MTG alternate-art promo card - see below for the full list.

Recently on Imgur / Reddit, a total of five never seen before cards were posted and then the original poster deleted their account - weirdness.  The following cards were shown all with the IDW publishing logo which suggests they will be the new MTG Comic promos in the Theros series

Acquire - Fifth Dawn (Rare)
Wash Out - Invasion (Uncommon)
High Tide - Fallen Empires (Common)
Duress - Urza's Saga / multiple (Common)
Gaze of Granite - Dragon's Maze (Rare)

We were expecting another four in this Theros set but we have five cards here which may mean that the new volume will contain five issues (and cards) OR that Wizards had IDW produce a supplemental product with one of the 'extra' cards shown to be handed out at a venue like PAX Prime.
Anywhoos - for reference, here's the run down of all the IDW issues along with their promo card -

IDW Comics Magic: the Gathering Volume 1
• Issue #1 (2/1/12) — Alternate-Art Treasure Hunt
• Issue #2 (2/29/12) — Alternate-Art Faithless Looting
• Issue #3 (3/28/12) — Alternate-Art Feast of Blood
• Issue #4 (5/23/12) — Alternate-Art Electrolyze

IDW Comics Magic: the Gathering Volume 2 - "The Spell Thief"
• The Spell Thief #1 (6/27/12) — Alternate-Art Arrest
• The Spell Thief #2 (8/8/12) — Alternate-Art Consume Spirit
• The Spell Thief #3 (9/19/12) — Alternate-Art Standstill
• The Spell Thief #4 (11/7/12) — Alternate-Art Breath of Malfegor

IDW Comics Magic: the Gathering Volume 3 - "Path of Vengeance"
• Path of Vengeance #1 (12/5/12) — Alternate-Art Turnabout
• Path of Vengeance #2 (12/19/12) — Alternate-Art Voidmage Husher
• Path of Vengeance #3 (1/30/13) — Alternate-Art Ogre Arsonist
• Path of Vengeance #4 (2/27/13) — Alternate-Art Corrupt

IDW Comics Magic: the Gathering Volume 4 - "Theros"
• Theros #1 (10/21/13) — Alternate-Art High Tide (?)
• Theros #2 (11/13/13) — Alternate-Art Gaze of Granite (?)
• Theros #3 (?) — Alternate-Art ?
• Theros #4 (?) — Alternate-Art ?

• ??? - a fifth one ???


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