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Magical Mosiac

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Today's post features an impressive piece of Magic the Gathering art put together by 'BoPRocks', who apparently loves Birds of Paradise so much, he needed to have a massive wall mosiac of it.

Here's his work and some text from Mr.  'BoPRocks' -
This is a Birds of Paradise Mosaic that I built last summer. It used 2500 magic cards, and contained only nonland cards, of which there are no more than 25 of a given card. All told it took about 200-250 hours over the course of a couple months to get everything completed. The cards were glued onto thick construction paper sections, with each section being 100 cards. They are also covered with sealant to protect the sections.
You can find his full gallery here, and compliment him on Magic: the Redditing here.  Should you want to complete a herculean project like this, get your card fodder inexpensively at MTG Mint Card who carries card lots.

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