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RTR Spoiler 9

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

If you've not yet seen these yet, then get ready for some more amazing Return to Ravnica art spoilers 'n' previews spotted at the recent 2012 Magic Players Championship in Seattle.  This invite-only tournament features sixteen Magic the Gathering players from around the world doing battle for the title of 'Player of the Year'.  A first place cash prize of $40,00 is part of the total cash purse totaling over $100,000.

Anywhoos, check out some of these beautiful images thrown up on the screen behind the players during the tournament.  We can only hope that these arts make it onto cards in the upcoming Return to Ravnica set . . .

First up,
This art screams to be a reprint of Ravnica: City of Guilds reprint of the legendary creature Tolsimir Wolfblood on his stead or rather wolf, the 2/2 green and white Wolf creature token named Voja.

Next -
TWO different arts, both strongly suggestive of being an Izzet League Mage.

This red Devil might just be painted by Svetlin Velinov, the same artist which brought you the Dark Ascension Hellrider.
This Elf may be a member of the Golgari swarm as the art is somewhat reminiscent of Savra, Queen of the Golgari.

Next - some exciting stuff.  There may or may not be a reprint or functional reprint (or perhaps something altogether different) of the popular shocklands from Ravnica: City of Guilds.  Here are lovely arts which remind us of Hallowed Fountain, Sacred Fountain and Watery Grave.


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