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RTR Spoiler 2

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

In this, our second post for today, we wanted to bring you some more Magic: the Gathering goodness in the form of another Return to Ravnica Spoiler.  

As with our previous post, this Return to Ravnica spoiler is thought to have been part of the Gen Con Indy 2012, Trade Day presentation by Wizards and had been snapped 'n' posted by Boardwalk Games / Comics of Greenville, SC.  Remember MTG Realm readers, treat all spoilers as suspect until officially previewed on the mothersite.

Here are the (blurry) images . . .

Return to Ravnica Game Day:
Encourage players to come back
- Full-art participation promo
- Full-art foil promo fro Top 8  finishers
- Ultra-Pro Champion playmat for the winner
Return to Ravnica League:
Sustain interest week after week
Designed to encourage fun and social interaction
- Guild Passport
- Record of weekly matches and badges of completion
Alternate art Knight tokens for top finishers

Now let's have a look at the card images . . .

Rather plain to see and confirming our earlier post about  a 2/2 White Knight creature token with vigilance.  Somewhat frustrating, the knight token image we had provided in that post was republished by several others as being in the new set, where we clearly stated that was the existing Ravnica: City of Guilds token produced by Hunted Dragon.

Next up - 
A bit more difficult to make out due to the image quality.   The Return to Ravnica Game Day promos (participation and Top 8).  Both look to have hybrid mana costs for which we are rather happy / excited about.  Make your own assumptions as to the creature type and their respective abilities below in the comments.

Finally, don't forget to pre-order FTV Realms and the new Duel Deck: Izzet vs. Golgari from MTG Mint Card. 


Anonymous said...

Uhhh... hunted dragon makes 2/2 knights with First strike.

KineticDistress said...

Well the top left is G/W which entails Selesnya, i'm going to assume it's either a one drop elf or dryad with some mana producing ability, or the new Populate mechanic. As for the second one, it looks very Izzet, probably some form of elemental that copies instants or sorceries and bounces back to your hand, or something else douchey like that. (Izzet=Douche)

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? It's obviously R/B.

KineticDistress said...

At first look it also looked Red Blue to me, it sort of looks like some kind of elemental with tentacle like protrusions on its face, and the quality of the image I can't tell if the non red color is black or blue, but after staring at it long enough I could also see it being a demon and what I think to be tentacles could also be horns. Don't need to be so condescending.