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Ravnica League

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Some interesting news from forum member garebear who had recently attended an open house at a one of the game distributors Wizards of the Coast use to move Magic the Gathering product.  Specifically it was some news regarding Return to Ravnica League Kits.  If you aren't yet in the know, Leagues are organised play groups by your local gaming store (LGS) and the Wizards Play Network (WPN).  Just like Friday Night Magic, gamers can hit up their LGS on league night and get a chance to score some swag courtesy of support from Wizards.  Wizards had devleoped 'kits' to support both the store owner as well as encourage player attendance for some time and will direct solicitations to retailers to get their pre-orders in. 

Anywhoos, the contents of the Return to Ravnica League kits were provided last week but Mr. Garebear had this report to the gaming community which provided an additional item of interest to the kit content :

"I'm sitting at a distributors open house right now and watching wotc make a presentation. When the section on the return to ravnica league kits came on it had a line saying the kit contains 20 knight tokens. Hopefully we'll get something good that makes some dudes."

Existing cards which make Knight tokens include Errand of Duty, Hunted Dragon, Riftmarked Knight, and Waylay.  Oddly enough, Hunted Dragon first saw print in Ravnica: City of Guilds (we've provided the cool Knight token for reference here).  Mind you, these cards will likely not see a reprint in the upcoming Return to Ravnica set BUT it does supply us with a bit of fodder for speculation.  Our first observation - given the confirmation of Knight tokens and possibility of other token love (we're also thinking of the possible new 'populate' mechanic) by Wizards, we suggest you don't trade away your set of Intangible Virtue just yet.

Let's have a looky-loo at whats in the League Kits . . .

Kit Contents League Kit
• 32 guild lanyards
• 32 guild badges
• 2 guild sticker sheets
• Score pad
• Poster
• Window cling
• 5 DCITM membership cards
• Instruction sheet

Marketing Kit

• 5 guild banners
• 25 guild deck boxes
• Wall clock with 5 swappable guild faces
• Return to Ravnica standee

Personally, we've not participated in League play before but we're certainly pumped over a Return to Ravnica league and may have to screw with the calendar and move some things to schedule this in at our local store OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.


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