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Booster Battle Pack

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,
Today we want to yatter about the (relatively new product) put out by Wizards of the Coast - the Booster Battle Pack.  Here at MTG Realm, we've played mini-Master / Pack Wars a few times but had not cracked open a Booster Battle Pack until now.  We caught up with gaming store owner Rick Bates at OMG! Games in Barrie to yatter about this product.

Rick said that this is a popular product at his store, not only for new players getting into Magic the Gathering but also for more seasoned players as well.  In between tournament rounds at the store, players can bust open a Booster Battle Pack and get a quick 20-minute game in before the start of the next round of play.  Rick also indicates that all the essentials for a newer player are contained within this product to hone there skills and take their game to the next level. 

We had done a short video of the unboxing, some game play as well as a summary and review but apparently our camera hates us and the audio did not come through very well (perhaps it was that wad of chewed gum / whatever over the microphone pick-up) - so - in it's place, we have some screen caps and stills.

Anywhoos - here's the 4.1.1. from the mothersite -
The Booster Battle Pack contains two 20-card starter decks with which you do battle with an opponent in a world of mystery and magicka. These decks are a great way to introduce yourself and a friend to Magic : The Gathering, and offer a fast and fun way to play Magic.

This pack contains :

•  Two 20-card decks
•  Two 15-card Magic 2013 Core Set booster packs
•  One Quick-play guide
•  One Rules Insert

The games that yours truly (CopySix) and R-Stomp had were fun and fast-paced.  It should be noted that with a MRSP of only $10 and the product contains two booster packs, this is good value for your money.  So stop by OMG! Games on 130 Bell Farm Road in Barrie (less than an hour's drive north of Toronto) near Georgian College at the north end of Town and tell Rick, Josh or Matt and we sent ya.  You can ring them at 705.721.4263 or click over to and visit them electronically.

CopySix used this Red / White build, while R•Stomp gamed with Black / Green pack.
The Vocanic Strength aura on the War Falcon won this particular game. 


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