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Epic EDH Commander

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

In our last posted we told you that we wanted to yatter a bit about some of those EDH / Commander games which occupied a large chunk of last weekend - well we will get to that today.

EDH / Commander is pretty much as fun a casual Magic the Gathering format can get and for that we thank the godfather of EDH Sheldon Menery, who had just recently retired as a DCI Level 5 judge.

Anywhoos - we can't really go over all the interesting 'n' awesome plays from our games but what we can do is provide a summary of one of several games which represents the flavour of most the games this last weekend . . .

Yours truly, CopySix ran with the mono-white soldier deck featuring Darien, King of Kjeldor as General.

There are a lot of soldiers, white weenie pumps and some solid evasion via colour protection or auras. Several cards such as Silence also mess up an opponent's tempo.

Retro-Tech loves Elves so she ran a mono-green deck featuring Eladamri, Lord of Leaves as General.

Essentially there be elves here - many elves with loads of pumps, trample effects and some interesting / cool green spells we did kow even existed.

R-Stomp ran a red-black deck featuring loads of demons and featuring Rakdos the Defiler as General.

His deck runs just about any black or red spell which may have made a name for itself back when they were king in standard. Otherwise, a large assortment of black and red demons.


Righto - onto one game which we loved (not strictly in chronilogical order) . .

Retro-Tech accelerates her game via mana dorks (like Lawnmower version one / two, etc.), and eventually over several turns gets Eladamri, Asceticism for big-time hexprood, drops an Ambush Commander making all those forests 1/1 Elf creatures as well as Elvish Promenade to go over the top . .

The board position looks grim against her and all those elves put CopySix is able to build one massive fatty sammich with the General after a board wiper. A Mass Calicify, a Kithkin Rabble (one of the deck's few non-soldier critters) and an Armored asension (now powered at about a 17/17 flyer) leaves him in a good poisition . .

And now for R-Stomp's play using an interesting strategy employing negative counters with a splash of control. With Black Sun's Zenith, and a Kulrath Knight with a Fists of the Demigod on it, there were plenty of wither counters to shut down anything left on the board.

Yep - loads of fun. We also noticed that the above plays involved a lot of cards from Shadomoor, but you will just have to believe us that the decks did not contain a majority of cards from this set,

Anywhoos - send in an eMail or drop your story below about some exceptional EDH / Commander plays you've seen or had a hand in.
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-=[ RØJØ ]=- said...

another good monowhite comander is Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant, as a 3 mana drop that turns your palace guard into a perfect defence against non-flying creatures, or your avatar of hope for a better defence (well, avatar of hope would take a bit to drop into the battlefield, as you don't want to lose any life until darien appears)

Keldar said...

Darien breaks even with soul warden, and turns a life profit with that and soul's attendant.