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Dark Ascension UltraPro

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Today over on the mothership, WoTC Monty provided an early Christmas treat with a Dark Ascension Spoiler. Although this Magic the Gathering set will not be hitting game store shelves until early February next year, the fan community is chomping at the bit for MOAR after a very successful release of the first set in the Innistrad block.

Anywhoos - onto the previews.
It is actually arts on some Ultra•Pro products and not actual cards yet but we will certainly throw these to the speculation nutters. A week or so ago, we previewed on the MTG Realm Facebook page the
Ultra•Pro product numbers for Dark Ascension.

UPR 82903 - Vertical Deck Pr
UPR 82904 - Top Load Deck Box
UPR 82905 - Horizontal Deck Pr
UPR 82906 - Side Load Deck Bx
UPR 82907 - Playmat 1
UPR 82908 - 2" Album
UPR 82919 - Playmat 2

First up - the Play mat . .
Really nice art - perhaps an Innistrad vampire or even a Griselbrand priestess.

A side-load deck box featuring a nice lady in the woods with a snake . . . we're calling Samuel L. Jackson on this one.

Anywhoos -
If had to guess, she's a snake charmer from Ulvenwald, the Misty Wood in Kessig.

What we're hoping for is a card which is able to puke out a truck-load of snake tokens on the game table.

The art here is from Steve Argyle and the subject looks like she is a real snake charmer . . .


No big stretch of imagination here.

It is our Planeswalker friend Sorin Markov featured on these card sleeves. It does not look like this PW variant had left his home colour of black but in all likelihood will be able to fit in nicely with the red and black Innistrad vampires that party in that blood-hall in Stensia.

That's it for now. Hopefully some more Dark Ascension spoiler and prevew nuggets from Wizards before the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Yay, Sorin is back, and those pics look great. My bets first one's a vamp, and second one is definitely by Steve Argyle. Can't wait for more!

Tezrael said...

the playmat is definitely a vampire. she has the same clothing style as all the other vampire females(at least the concept sketches)

also, check out her eyes, gold and black, just like sorin