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Conflux Spoiler 2

Cobalt Plasma and sawbladex from the forums brought this to our attention. Three new art images are very likely from the next Shards of Alara set release Conflux.

These images are gleaned from the the Wizards interactive site which explores the planes of the multiverse.

Quite obviously Aven from Bant chiilaxing in their rookery. From the spoiled Conflux card name list, we have only two Aven which show up - these are Aven Squire and Aven Trailblazer. Both of these names do not quite fit with this art . . perhaps it is just left-over art from Shards (?).


Here we have a Veldalken wizard in a very sweet pimped up ride reminiscent of Tower Gargoyle. The new Conflux card names give us only two - Darklit Gargoyle and Vedalken Outlander. Your call on this one - neither quite fit perfectly either. I'm thinking Vedalken rider or Gargoyle acid reflux.
Very nasty looking cave phlegm here. We are certain it's from the shard of Jund. The Conflux card list only gives us one fit . . . Bloodhall Ooze. It does seem an appropriate fit.

As I spend time digesting Thanks Giving left-overs, we will think upon what cool / devastating abilities these possible new cards have.


Anonymous said...

That is a sweet flying artifact.

Unknown said...

Hmm...about the avens, i dont think that those two names are your only choices. it could also be

Anonymous said...

Or Aerie Mystics.

CopySix said...

Check out the latest spoiler - -