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2008 FNM Foils

Although I do rather enjoy playing MTG at home, I rather relish going out to Friday Night Magic to see how my deck stacks up against other players. I also am keenly interested in seeing other card synergies that I had not yet fully realised. One thing I do appreciate about FNM is the casual play style. More than once have I goofed up big-time by not being fully caffeinated and playing a second legendary creature. Since it is FNM, I simply get to say 'whoops!', or 'sorry', and safely return said card back to my hand.

I also enjoy getting a chance not only to build up my Magic Player Rewards points but also have an opportunity to get my hands on a FNM foil promotional card. That being said, I think I only brought home only two FNM DCI cards home with me this year so far (Tormod's Crypt and Pendelhaven) . . . waahh !

Four prize cards are provided by Wizards to the organizer for each event. Two of the four cards are to be awarded each week are available to anyone in the tournament; specifically the tournament organizer will randomly award the remaining two prize cards to two players that did not place first or second. The other two are awarded to the top finishers for 1st and 2nd place.

Here is a look at the 2008 FNM Foil goodness ->
Each FNM foil card features Alternate Art (with the exception of the March card, Eternal Witness)

January : Remand
Illus. Hideaki Takamura

February : Tormod's Crypt
Illus. Lars Grant-West

March : Eternal Witness
Illus. Terese Nielsen

April : Tendrils of Agony
Illus. Volkan Baga

May : Pendelhaven
Illus. Philip Straub

June : Resurrection
Illus. Michael Komarck

July : Wall of Roots
Illus. Matt Stewart

August : Desert
Illus. Glen Angus

September : Thirst for Knowledge
Illus. Bud Cook

October : Serrated Arrows
Illus. John Avon

November : Isochron Scepter
Illus. Brian Despain

December : Shrapnel Blast
Illus. Hideaki Takamura

For previous FNM, and a load other promotional cards including tokens, check out this Japanese LINK.

To find a local store near you hosting a Friday Night Magic event, check out this LINK from Wizards.

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