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Bant Exalted Video

As I could not get out to a Shards of Alara Pre-Release or a Release event, I took some solace at Friday Night Magic hosted at my local gaming store OMG! Games and picked up a Bant Exalted Intro Pack. Skimming over the pack's ingredients, it was determined that it needed more cow-bell so I also bought / traded a bunch 'o' cards as well.

Here is a brief video dissection of the Intro Pack

As mentioned, for your consideration is some additional cards for inclusion in this Intro Pack. . .

First off, do yourself a favour and get another 2 Akrasan Squires to fill out a deck set in your one-drop column. You will appreciate any additional exalted bonuses you get in this deck.

As you only have one Battlegrace Angel, you may want to consider a few more in the deck. You get a decent 4/4 Flyer and again another critter to win with the exalted. If you want to get some life-gain mojo going with Battlegrace, you may wish to consider a synergy with Cradle of Vitality.

You may also want to consider gettin two more Guardians of Akrasa for a decent defender with exalted, and Rhox War Monks which is a decent 3-drop for a 3/4 with Lifelink. Personally, I went with Rhox Charger, a 4-drop for a 3/3 with trample and exalted.

Every customized Bant Exalted deck should have a deck-set Bant Battlemages which will send your pumped-up exalted critter either trampling or flying over the finish line.

If you feel that you are fairly solid with sufficient exalted critter, you may also wish to consider some deck-space for Jhessian Infiltrator. This guy is a 2-drop for a 2/2 unblockable.

I would also suggest getting a hold of Rafiq of the Many. This is the Bant Legendary fellow with exalted and a very solid ability of giving double strike to your lone gunman.

Lastly, I really like Stoic Angel. Not only is this great artwork but also a great card in my mind. She is a 4-drop for a 3/4 with flying and vigilance. She will also prevent all players from untapping more than one creture during upkeep. As you are running a deck chocked full 'o' exalted nutters, you really don't care do you now. Very nice control

Hey have fun constructing and deconstructing over the next few weeks !

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Norm said...

I love Stoic Angel. I've got a great new control deck to share with you. I'll let you know when I get it posted.