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Alara Ultimatums

I would like to expand on the recent Wizards Article "Whose Ultimatum?" earlier this week.

From One of the biggest, splashiest cycles in Shards of Alara is the five-card Ultimatum cycle. WoTC provided a look at the planeswalkers responsible for four of them. Just one Ultimatum was not addressed . . .

I suggest that the Planeswalker responsible for the cowering Grixis Demon in Cruel Ultimatum is none other than Nicol Bolas who is expected to show up in the second Shards of Alara set, Conflux.

Brilliant Ultimatum - Tezzeret the Seeker is peaking around the corner into Esper's Sanctum.

Clarion Ultimatum - Elspeth, Knight Errant is shown mounted calling Bant warriors to battle

Titanic Ultimatum - Ajani Vengeant gives a high-five to a ferocious Nactl war party in Naya.

Violent Ultimatum - Sarkhan Vol loves them Jund Goblins to pieces.

Stay tuned for more MTG goodness . . .

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