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League Play foils

The Gateway program was recently replaced by the Wizards Play Network, a new WoTC program designed to make it easier to organize small tournaments with friends, in order to entice more players to participate in DCI sanctioned tournaments . . . the 'Think Globally, Play Locally' sort of thing.

With the Gateway program came promo cards. Previous Gateway promotional cards included Mogg Fanatic, Faerie Conclave, and Oona’s Blackguard. With the old program gone, so have the Gateway promo cards, which were typically uncommon cards printed by the Wizards for the release of each new edition.

Stepping into the gap as well is the new Wizards Play League which will have promotional cards provided to organizers. The intention here was to establish a new way to reward the players and enhance loyalaty. The first two cards created for this are arternate art foil Shards of Alara Sprouting Thrinax and Wolly Thoctar.

By-the-way . . . I'm still laughing about the Wooly Thoctar / Soccer Mom thing.

Now for a bit of mystery.

We'll call it the case of the missing card. Remember this beautiful piece of spoiled artwork ?

It was generally beleived that it would be seen on a Shards of Alara card. More specifically, a card from the Shard of Esper. Many thought that this art would slip onto the Esper Battlemage card. Apparently no.

Mr. silvercut from the forums provided a very nice bit of photoshoppery and possible considerations for a future Conflux card.

Mr. Valyon also suggested possible cards for which the art may fit (from the infamous spoiled Conflux card list) which included Elder Mastery, Ethersworn Adjudicator, Filigree Fracture or perhaps Hermitage Illusionist. This may also be a case of simple concept art or even scrapped art which never made it to the finish line.

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